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IT Cosmetics CC Cream Review

Do you know how many people have told me I needed to try this base? I’ve lost count. I’ve had friends yelling at me, shopping partners singing it’s praises and countless TBC readers telling me it needs to be next on my list. And I finally got around to trying it for myself. Needless to say, the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream had some serious expectations to live up to. And after all, it sounded like it’d be right up my alley, too. Lightweight, ‘your skin but better’ but with plenty of coverage? I was excited. And luckily, it’s done a pretty great job of meeting those expectations. It’s been a hot minute since I last checked in with a Foundation Files instalment but let’s get into it.

AVAILABLE FROM: Sephora (AU), Sephora (US), Ulta, Beautylish, Selfridges.


Now this is how you do practical packaging. The CC Cream is housed in a sturdy little tube with a handy pump to dispense just the right amount of product. Awesome for travelling and making sure you get every last bit out.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream Review


I’ve been testing this with a bunch of different application methods because often with CC creams and tinted moisturisers, it takes a bit more trial and error. But I personally find that applying it with my fingers or with a big fluffy brush works best.

One pump covers really well when blended in with fingers and instantly leaves it looking like my skin but better, but it does make it a little tackier, so if I do this, I still like to bop all over the skin with a damp BeautyBlender to really blend it in. Then I make sure to set my whole face with powder. With a big fluffy brush, it’s pretty much just as easy. It provides a little more coverage but also requires a bit of extra time to really blend in. It still works nicely when applied with a BeautyBlender but it takes a bit more product and a bit more time to build up the coverage.


The whole ‘your skin but better’ thing on the tube is definitely accurate with this one. The finish is lovely and dewy but you can dial it up and down depending on how much you set it down with powder. It gives a really lit-from-within finish to the skin, which I am all about. Especially for these summer months, where I really lean into the whole glowy base thing, I’ve been appreciating this one. I can imagine this would be particularly appreciated for those with drier skin types.


For a CC cream, it is impressive how much coverage this gives. On me, it really evens out the skin tone, covering any spots well so I only need a tiny bit of concealer if there’s a real problem area. Again, though, you can dial it up and down, depending on your application method. I find that one pump provides enough for all over the face and then if I feel like an area needs a bit more coverage, I pat a little more in with my fingers. It’s definitely not your average tinted moisturiser coverage but I’ve been loving it.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream Review


Being so incredibly impressed with this base up until this point, I hoped that it’d have the staying power to go along with it. And I was more and less happy with it. First of all, it’s worth noting how comfortable this base is – it’s so lightweight on the skin, often I feel like I’m not wearing anything at all. It never feels heavy or cakey on the skin, so that’s a huge win.

I really make sure to set this one down when I wear it because, throughout the day, it tends to get even glowier on my combination skin. Which I personally don’t mind too much, but I know that isn’t for everyone. Unless you’re incredibly dry, I wouldn’t recommend leaving this on the skin without setting it down with powder. Otherwise, things will start looking way too glowy towards the end of the day. Around my nose, where I get oiliest, it tends to gather a little bit but not anything that can’t be fixed with a quick pat in with fingers. Otherwise, it lasts really well and doesn’t fade around my jawline, which is what I normally struggle with. It does transfer a little bit, even with loose powder all over. Overall, it’s not perfect but it’s definitely not a deal breaker.


Now, this is where things get a little harder to judge. When I swatched the lightest shade, Fair, I was resigned to the fact that it would never work for me. But I was assured by a sales associate that it changes a lot on the skin to match your skin tone and after blending it in, I could see what she meant. Although it looks incredibly yellow or even green based when swatched, that’s not at all how it looks on the skin. It works really well even on my pale skin, I find. And I hear they’ve recently extended their shade range so hopefully, that makes it even more likely that you can find a match.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream Review

If you have dry skin, this could be your new dewy dream. The finish is seriously beautiful and although I’d still recommend a bit of setting powder to stop it being too tacky, I wholeheartedly recommend you check this one out.
If you have oily skin, don’t discount how awesome this could be for you too. With a decent dose of setting powder, this could still be a beautiful option for the summer months. Especially when you want something with a lighter feel than your average foundation while still delivering on coverage.
If you have sensitive skin, it’s worth noting this does have a bit of a fragrance to it. So be cautious if your skin tends to react to things like that and try out a sample first.

As I’ve already mentioned a couple of times, I am so glad to have another lightweight, glowy base in my stash. Because I was totally lacking in options… It hasn’t blown my other favourites out of the water by any means, but there’s something about this lightweight base. Maybe it’s the decent dose of coverage, maybe it’s the glowy finish but it definitely has me smitten. Grab a sample if you can and see what you think. Because judging by the number of recommendations I’ve received in the past, this works for plenty of different skin types.

Have you tried this base from IT Cosmetics?

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  • Melissa Loadsman

    This was my go-to base for so long! I need to dig it back out again!! I only have ever had the smaller “deluxe sample” sizes as it is always sold out!!

    Mel xx || Loads of Lifestyle

  • This is my holy grail foundation! I wear it every day! Well… not now because it’s out of stock and I’m empty and sad… 🙁 haha x x <3

  • Shilpa Shetty

    Yes I love this cc cream,..

  • I was really surprised by the amount of coverage this gives, definitely worth grabbing a sample and testing it out! Same goes for the shade, I find it changes a lot when blended in to match your skin tone and I’m Terre Neuve in NARS and find Fair works fine for me, I like to add a couple of lightening drops in for good measure but I don’t think it would be an issue for you! Again, worth seeing if you can try it out in store first to see how it goes! 🙂