Quick Swatch // Violet Voss Taupe Notch Eyeshadow Palette

Violet Voss Taupe Notch Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

When you have as many eyeshadow palettes as I do, it becomes a little harder to be wowed by new releases. There’s new beauties being released almost daily but it’s hard to justify yet another neutral palette. But the Violet Voss Taupe Notch Eyeshadow Palette? Well, it stopped me in my tracks. The second I saw that line-up of neutrals, I knew that it had to be mine. And although it’s hard to believe, an eyeshadow palette hadn’t had that effect on me in a while. Sure, I’ve fallen in love with eyeshadow palettes recently… namely, the Morphe 35O2, because the formula was so incredible and the shades pulled me out of my comfort zone. But this was for the opposite reason. Every single shade in the palette appealed to my neutral-loving heart.

The day it launched on Cult Beauty, I snapped it up, along with a couple of other things. And when it arrived, I could hardly wait to get stuck into it.

AVAILABLE FROM: Violet Voss, Cult Beauty, Sephora (US).

Violet Voss Taupe Notch Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

The Taupe Notch palette is chockful of neutrals. Normally, eyeshadow palettes have a couple of shades that make me go ‘eh’ but not this time. Every shade in this palette looks like one I’d actually use. It’s like Violet Voss just gave me a call and asked me specifically what shades I wanted to include. Some would say that the palette is lacking a black shade, but personally I hardly ever reach for them. It has gorgeous taupes, shimmering champagnes, a couple of bronzes and it’s got a bunch of neutral-brown mattes. Heaven. 

As is often the case, I swatched this palette and took pics before trying it out on my eyes. And I was beginning to think this was too good to be true. Every shade swatched perfectly. The mattes were smooth and so intensely pigmented. This was particularly noticeable in the mattes in the top row, the vanilla and peach shades were much more pigmented and smooth than even I was expecting. And the shimmers were a similar story – buttery, soft but not too soft and had a gorgeous metallic sheen to them. Needless to say, I was very interested to see if the formula held up as well on the eyes. And of course, it hit every expectation.

The matte shades blend out beautifully on the eye. I’ve been starting out all of my looks with Elite and Top Notch before reaching for the neutral browns to throw into the crease. Using a fluffy blending brush, they all work together beautifully – never applying patchy or dry. The shimmers work beautifully, too. They give a gorgeous metallic sheen to the lids and look effortless. The formula sort of reminds me of the MUG Foiled Eyeshadows. I’ve been applying them with a flat synthetic brush or with my finger and find that these techniques lead to no fallout. The shades are so creamy that it’s not as much of a problem (the shades are infused with Jojoba Oil if that gives you an idea). If I go in with a fluffier brush, or too much product, then a little bit of fallout occurs.

Wear time has been impressive, too. Most days, when I get home, my eye makeup looks just as good as it did when I left the house. The shimmers do a really decent job of maintaining their finish, too, which is actually less common than you think. But no eyeshadow is perfect. There have been a couple of warmer days where I’ve skipped the eye primer and found that there was a little more creasing,1 with the colour moving around a little more on the lid after a couple of hours. But I find that priming the eyes before application gets rid of this issue, so it’s simply a word of warning to those out there with oilier eyelids.

Violet Voss Taupe Notch Eyeshadow Palette Swatches - Elite, #1, Bestest, Super, Top NotchElite, #1, Bestest, Super, Top Notch

Row 1 features a bunch of practical shades – a vanilla (Elite) and a peachy transition shade (Top Notch) that absolutely blew my mind. They’re accompanied by a couple of gorgeous champagnes (#1 and Super) and one of the many stunning neutral brown mattes (Bestest). #1 is particularly stunning as an inner corner highlight.

Violet Voss Taupe Notch Eyeshadow Palette Swatches - One N Only, Upper Crust, Royal, Exclusive, First ClassOne N Only, Upper Crust, Royal, Exclusive, First Class

Row 2 has two gorgeous golds (One N Only and Upper Crust) and three more beautiful brown mattes (Royal, Exclusive and First Class). It is a little disappointing that they appear quite similar when swatched and on the eye. But I suppose they’re working off the theory that you can’t have too much of a good thing? And there is definitely a subtle difference there with each being slightly darker than the last, especially when you build up the pigment a little more…

Violet Voss Taupe Notch Eyeshadow Palette Swatches - High, Taupe, Numero Uno, MVP, AceHigh, Taupe, Numero Uno, MVP, Ace

Row 3 is made up of primarily shimmers (High, Numero Uno, MVP and Ace). Plenty of stunning all over the lid options. High has been a particular favourite all over the outer half of the lid, with one of the lighter shades on the inner corner. The sole matte in the row (Taupe) is a good’un. Cooler toned than the other mid-browns in the palette so it’s perfect if you really want to incorporate neutrals into the look.

Violet Voss Taupe Notch Eyeshadow Palette Swatches - Extra, World Class, VIP, Supreme, PrimeExtra, World Class, VIP, Supreme, Prime

Row 4 is home to the deepest shades in the palette. The final matte in the palette (Extra) is perfecting for really adding definition to the eyes. And is definitely more matte than it appears in the swatch, here, for some reason. The remaining four (World Class, VIP, Supreme and Prime) are all shimmers. World Class is the one shade that seemed a little strange to me, at first. When swatched, it has a bit of gold glitter hidden in it but it works far better on the eye. VIP is a stunning gold, something every palette should have, and Supreme and Prime are awesome options for a deeper, smokier look.

So yep, it’s another rave review. For a brand that was never really on my radar in the past, Violet Voss have blown me away with this one. The packaging is practical, absolutely beautiful and feels incredibly high quality, too. The palette can do a hell of a lot – from cool-toned looks to all-matte looks to neutral bronze-y smokey eyes. And that’s why I love it. There’s plenty to experiment with while still making sure everything complements each other beautifully. And the formula is among the best I’ve ever tried. If the shade range appeals to you, make sure this one finds it’s way onto your Christmas wishlist. If not, maybe one of the other beauties in their line-up might take your fancy.

Have you tried Violet Voss before?

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