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The Balm Nude Beach Palette - Swatch & Review - The Beauty Collection

The Balm’s Nude ‘Tude eyeshadow palette was probably one of the first palettes I ever wanted. I’d always ogle at the stunning range of neutrals when I spotted it in store, but somehow, it never found it’s way into my collection. But it would seem that The Balm have been busy, and after setting eyes on the Nude Beach palette a little while ago, I had a new obsession. The third in the Nude eyeshadow palette range, The Balm’s Nude Beach Eyeshadow Palette* is a gorgeous line-up of warm browns, gilded golds and stunning terracottas. And I was very lucky to get my hands on it recently.

AVAILABLE FROM: BeautyNext, launching at more retailers soon!

The range of peaches, terracottas, bronzes, golds and warm browns make for one dreamy looking palette. There’s a great mix of matte shades and satin shades, with a couple of high-impact metallics as the cherry on top. I like that they have a matte vanilla shade, to start off the eye look. But it’s still missing a champagne-y shimmer, in my opinion, to accentuate the brow bone or inner corners.

The Balm Nude Beach Palette - Swatch & Review - The Beauty Collection

I swatched this palette first, before playing with it on the eyes, and straight away I realised that the formula was a little hit and miss. Some of the mattes are a little dry and patchy, while the shimmers glided on. And on the eyes, it was a similar story.

As I mentioned, a couple of the mattes were tricky to work with. Brave and Brazen, in particular, were hard to blend out and hard to evenly apply to the lids. With a bit of effort, I made them work and look quite good, but on a daily basis, I wouldn’t have quite so much patience. Bold and Bright sit somewhere in-between but Bodacious is the best matte of the palette, I’ve had no issues with it so far at all. The matte vanilla shade, Brilliant also worked well.

Buff is the disappointment of the satin shades. And probably the real underachiever in the palette. It’s quite a unique peachy shimmer but unfortunately, it just doesn’t pick up on the eyes, disappearing no matter how hard I try. Babe and Brainiac both perform well, though. Babe is the closest the palette’s got to a champagne-y shade but it’s a little too golden for me to use it on the inner corners or brow bone. Nevertheless, it’s great to place in the center of the lid. Brainiac is lovely, too. Shade-wise, probably one of my favourites in the palette. I’d been wearing it all over the lid, with Bodacious blended into the crease.

Built, Bootylicious and Breathtaking are the stand-outs of the palettes. They’re very high-quality shadows – super buttery, metallic and give an almost foiled effect to the eyes. There’s a little fallout if applied to the brush, but I prefer to pat them onto the lid with my finger, anyway. Formula-wise, these are the best in the palette.

The Balm Nude Beach Palette - Brilliant, Buff, Brainiac, Built, Bodacious, Bootylicious L to R: Brilliant, Buff, Brainiac, Built, Bodacious, Bootylicious.
The Balm Nude Beach Palette - Babe, Bright, Brave, Bold, Breathtaking, BrazenL to R: Babe, Bright, Brave, Bold, Breathtaking, Brazen.

As you can see, it’s definitely fairly hit and miss. I also found that unless I use an eye primer, some of the shades tend to fade and crease a little throughout the day. Maybe I’m just being harsh, judging it against other formulas I love that require less effort. The Balm’s shadow formula is less intense but, for the most part, easily buildable. The shades in this palette are beautiful so when time is on my side, I still quite like to pull this out and play because it is easily workable and there’s a couple of standout shades that make it all worth my while.

Packaging? Gorgeous and practical. Shade range? Right on the money. But do I love it? I’d say I like it but don’t love it. In my wide range of eyeshadow palettes, I have formulas that work better, last longer and are easier to apply. So especially with the other warm eyeshadow palette releases hitting the market at the moment, I think your money could be better spent elsewhere. Nevertheless, I’m glad I got the chance to try out The Balm’s eyeshadow formula and I’m sure this beauty will still be seeing plenty of use, because that shade range speaks for itself.

Have you tried any of The Balm’s eyeshadows?

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