How To Make Blush Work For You

How To Make Blush Work For You

When I was first getting the hang of makeup, blush scared me. I think I owned three shades, none of which were getting a whole lot of use because I just didn’t know what I was doing. But years later, after plenty of trial and plenty of error – I think I might’ve gotten the hang of it. It can brighten the complexion, it can pull together a makeup look, and it’s a step that you really don’t have to be afraid of. So I’ve compiled a couple of pointers on how to make blush work for you.

How To Make Blush Work For You

It’s All In The Shade Selection…

A lot of people think of blush as that bright pink pot that you throw on the apples of your cheeks, leaving you looking like a clown. Or maybe they think of old-fashioned rouge – bright red blush on very pale skin. But neither of those scenarios sound logical for every day wear. Softer, subtler, neutral shades are all the rage at the moment (and have been for a while now, in my case) so it’s much easier to start off with a shade that’s not going to look out of place. Look for an earthy, neutral shade – not too far off from your natural ‘flush’ and start there. My favourite neutral options include Tarte’s Exposed, MAC’s Warm Soul*, Benefit’s Rockateur, Benefit’s Dandelion, Rimmel’s Pink Rose and Essence’s Satin Love.

Another thing to take into consideration is the makeup look you’re putting together. Some people would suggest that if you’re putting together a peachy eye look, complement that with a peachy blush – rather than with a pink. Now I’m no makeup artist, so I won’t pretend I know everything these is to know about colour theory but if you stay in a similar colour family, you’re unlikely to go wrong. Another trick is to even use the same blush colour somewhere in the eye look, I sometimes blend it subtly into the crease, making everything looks a lot more put together.

It’s All In The Formula…

If I’m still sitting here struggling to get cream blush right, then I can imagine I’m not the only one. Powder blushes are often easier to apply, easier to blend out and easier tone down if you go overboard. And another thing – blushes with a heavy shimmer to them instantly make everything harder. Stick to a simple, matte shade – with a subtle sheen if you’d prefer, to make it easier to work with.

How To Make Blush Work For You

It’s All In The Placement…

It’s the whole contouring thing all over again. But it doesn’t have to be scary. Simply put, depending on your face shape, you can complement this with your blush placement to create a bit of an illusion. Whether it’s higher cheekbones, a thinner face, whatever. I have quite a round face, so I keep my placement further back on my cheekbones, going easy on the apples of my cheeks so it doesn’t make it look even rounder. Others choose to focus blush on the front part of the face – keeping it mostly on the apples of the cheeks. Here’s a link to the above picture that I found on Pinterest that gives you a bit more info.

 How To Make Blush Work For You

It’s All In The Application…

Tools can make or break a makeup product, so it’s important you’ve got the right brush for the job. Applying blush with anything too dense is setting yourself up for a fall. My daily go-to brush is the Mecca Cosmetica Blush Brush, which looks very similar to the new Mecca Max Blushing Beauty Blush Brush, too. It’s a great shape to place colour and also soft enough to blend away any harshness, leaving behind a subtle flush rather than a splodge of colour. Other favourites include the Look Good Feel Better Powder Brush* and the Platinum Beauty Blush Brush* & Contour Brush*.

Also, if working with a more pigmented blush shade work slowly. Barely dip your brush into the pan and apply bit by bit rather than swishing the brush around in the pan, getting all of the product onto the brush at once.

It’s All In The Timing…

This one’s a weird one but stick with me here. If all else fails, try applying blush after everything else. You know how your face always looks a little strange when you’ve got your base down but your eyes are still blank? Sometimes you can go overboard with blush when you don’t have anything on your eyes or brows yet, and when everything’s come together, it all looks a little out of balance. If blush is still looking a little too crazy on you, try reaching for it last in your routine, adding a teeny bit and building slowly – taking the whole face of makeup into consideration. That way, it’s just a finishing touch to pull everything together.

What are your top tips to make blush work for you?

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