Two Blemish-Fighting Heroes from Mario Badescu

Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion & Mario Badescu Drying Mask Review - Two New Blemish-Fighting Heroes from Mario Badescu

When I was first getting into makeup, I’d spend all of my time on the Mecca site – compiling wishlist after wishlist of the makeup and skincare that I needed to try. And although there’s probably plenty of products on that list now that wouldn’t really be my style, I never stopped wanting pretty much everything from the Mario Badescu line. To me, it looked functional, practical and best of all, pretty affordable.

But somehow, it’s taken me this long to properly try the range. Sure, I’ve been a fan of the spray in the past but I was keen to try out the rest of the line-up, designed to combat all kinds of skin problems. I made two new purchases and straight away, I was impressed. And I get the feeling these two will be maintaining a permanent place in my skincare favourites. I went for a couple of products designed to fight breakouts, as I found that was an area in which my current routine was lacking. And now I can truly see what all the fuss is about.

Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion

I picked up this Buffering Lotion first, before going back a couple of weeks later for the mask. When I read the side of the bottle, I noticed it said it was designed to deal with under the skin, cystic spots and instantly, I was intrigued. If my skin reacts weirdly to a new foundation, or something similar, often that manifests itself with those painful, under the skin spots on my cheekbone. So this sounded perfect.

The formula comes in a bottle with a powder in the bottom, which you combine with the liquid by shaking it thoroughly. But instead of applying with a cotton bud, like their famous Drying Lotion, you dispense onto a finger and apply it to spots that way. You only need the smallest amount of product to cover a spot, so I only dispense a small amount at a time. And overnight, I notice a difference. If I can feel anything brewing under the skin, this absolutely stops it in it’s tracks. It reduces inflammation, reduces redness and also reduces the size of the spot. Completely cutting down the lifespan of the spot and sometimes, making it disappear entirely before it gets anywhere. My boyfriend also stole it at some stage when he felt a spot coming up and now even he’s converted.

Of course, I don’t feel the need to use this every night, but at the first sign of a spot, I throw some of this on and every time, it makes a huge difference. Super impressed. And one I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who struggles with those deep, painful cystic spots.

Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion & Mario Badescu Drying Mask Review - Two New Blemish-Fighting Heroes from Mario Badescu

Mario Badescu Drying Mask

After the success of the Buffering Lotion, this Drying Mask was my next target. It’s in the same vein as their Drying Lotion, designed to target whitehead pimples. But normally, when I suffer from breakouts, it’s normally accompanied by a bit of texture. So using a mask, which I could spread all over the problem area, made more sense to me.

This is a real no-nonsense face mask. A lot of masks at the moment are focusing on looking pretty, smelling pretty or just being straight up gimmicky. But not this one. The smell isn’t exactly wonderful, it’s almost medicinal, but it dissipates quickly after being applied. And, as you can see in the pic, it just looks like a boring old face mask. The ingredient list is simple, too. But ultimately, very effective. The Kaolin Clay draws out impurities, the Collodial Sulfur deals with any excess oil and importantly, Calamine soothes the skin.

I had a patch of grumpy skin, with a few budding breakouts, on my chin a couple of days after picking this up so I applied it just to that patch of skin and was super impressed. And since then, it’s been my go-to. The results are definitely instantly noticeable on the skin, after you wash it off. Any spots had reduced in size (and ultimately, were quick to disappear over the next couple of days), the texture of the skin greatly improved and the whole area just looked less red and irritated. And all without leaving my skin tight or uncomfortable. Using this as a sort of spot mask has been an absolute godsend lately. A quick ten-minute mask sesh and any problem areas are looking 100 times better.

Overall, I’m so happy I finally bothered to check out the Mario Badescu line properly. These two have filled two huge blemish-busting gaps in my routine. They get the job done without leaving my skin feeling more irritated than to begin with. And they’re pretty affordable, too! If you find yourself dealing with spots or texture, then definitely check these out.

Have you tried anything from Mario Badescu?

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