Quick Swatch // Morphe 35O2 Second Nature Eyeshadow Palette

Morphe 35O2 Second Nature Eyeshadow Palette Swatches - The Beauty Collection

These days, the trends in the beauty industry are pretty easy to pick up. Highlighters that look as gorgeous in the pan as they do on the cheeks, matte liquid lips and of course, warm eyeshadow. Over the last couple of years, the trend towards warmer tones has been intense and you could argue that it all started with Morphe’s 35O Palette. It took the beauty world by storm and for a while there, it was impossible to source. And it started a trend throughout the entire industry. So it was only a matter of time before Morphe added a sister to the OG.

And here she is, in all her glory. Morphe’s 35O2 Eyeshadow Palette* – even warmer, even bolder and even more beautiful. My jaw dropped when I opened this beauty, paired with Morphe’s beautiful rebrand, and it did it again when I swatched the shades. I’ve always been a little cautious with warmer eyeshadows but lately, I’ve been pushing myself to try new things and the results have been impressing me, so this palette came at the perfect time. I’ve been reaching for this constantly. Some days, I’ve created a minimal look and other days I’ve gone way out of my comfort zone but every day, I’ve been so impressed with the formula. I’ll chat a little about that first, before getting into the swatches. I’ve included the shade descriptions found on Morphe’s site to describe each shade, before chatting about each row in a little more detail.

Morphe 35O2 Second Nature Eyeshadow Palette Swatches - The Beauty Collection

AVAILABLE FROM: Morphe, Ulta (US) and probably coming to Cult Beauty & Beauty Bay soon!

Some people remain sceptical of the Morphe brand, and I understand why. There’s a lot of people out there spruiking affiliate codes and it can be hard to see through it all. And although I was lucky enough to have this palette sent to me by Morphe to swatch for you all, that doesn’t sway my opinion on the product, as is always the case.

I think Morphe have really been making an effort lately to improve their formulas, their packaging and their web presence – moving away from the reputation that they’ve had in the past. And personally, I’m really impressed. But above all, I can’t deny that the formula of this palette is something special. Sure, I liked the previous palettes from the brand that I’d tried but this was a whole other level. The mattes performed beautifully, across the board, and the shimmers are just stunning. And the staying power is impressive too, each time I’ve worn the palette, my shadows have stayed perfectly in place, as intense as ever, until the very end of the day.

The mattes in this palette are so lovely. And we know how much I love my matte shadows. They blend out beautifully into one another and never drag or catch on the skin. I also love that they don’t really lose their intensity when applied onto the eyes. It’s incredibly easy to create a multi-dimensional look, because the shades maintain intensity even after lots of blending. Spice was the only matte that didn’t quite hit the mark for me as it had a bit of residual glitter when swatched and when applied to the eye.

The ratio of matte to shimmer shadows in this palette actually surprised me, expecting a couple more shimmers in there. But the range of shades included still covers plenty of bases. And the formula is incredible. All of them are quite intense, giving a foiled look to the eye when applied with a dense brush or with a fingertip. With the exception of Halo, in the fourth row, which is a little more subtle and sheeny. They all have a bit of fallout, as can be expected, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a fluffy powder brush.

The only things, in my opinion, that are missing from the palette are a couple of lighter shades. It could’ve done with a lighter champagne shade, for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner and even a lighter matte shade to set eye primer or just to throw all over the lid before everything else.

Morphe 35O2 Second Nature Eyeshadow Palette Swatches - The Beauty Collection

Morphe 35O2 Second Nature Eyeshadow Palette Swatches - Universal, Pure, Orb, Tan, Sizzle, Amber, Bronzie - The Beauty Collection

ROW 1: Universal (peach brown matte), Pure (golden cream chrome), Orb (orange brown matte), Tan (warm tan matte), Sizzle (orange copper foil), Amber (rose-gold cayenne shimmer), Bronzie (rusty bronze foil)

The first row has most of the shades that I’ve been reaching for the most. The mattes all work beautifully as transition shades as they have a hint of warmth but could still be used for a more neutral look, too. Universal really fits the name, as it’s often the shade I start off with in my crease. I also love Tan, to deepen up any look. The shimmers in this row are gorgeous, too. In particular, when I feel like I’ve gone a little too warm or intense, putting a bit of Pure in the middle of the lid makes such a difference to bring it back closer to my comfort zone. They’re all intensely pigmented and the shade selection can’t be faulted.

Morphe 35O2 Second Nature Eyeshadow Palette Swatches - Flux, Contour, Heat, Ablaze, Sauce, Fire, Ruby - The Beauty Collection

ROW 2: Flux (cinnamon matte), Contour (golden brown matte), Heat (warm red matte), Ablaze (red orange velvet matte), Sauce (gilded orange foil), Fire (intense red orange matte), Ruby (red coral shimmer)

When you look at the palette as a whole, it all looks incredibly red-y but really, most of that is just found in Row 2 is the only palette which really gives in to the oranges and reds. And it is beautiful. I’ve been loving the matte shades in this row, too. Namely throwing Heat into the crease, as it’s a little deeper, and really blending it out into one of the more neutral browns. Ablaze is stunning, too. Ruby is intense, yes, but I’ve been placing a little on the outer third of my eye and man, it is beautiful.

Morphe 35O2 Second Nature Eyeshadow Palette Swatches - Zodiac, Polished, Spice, Terra Cotta, Brick, Rustic, Zippy - The Beauty Collection

ROW 3: Zodiac (bronze gold chrome), Polished (rose gold duo chrome), Spice (medium peachy brown matte), Terracotta (reddish brown matte), Brick (rusty velvet matte), Rustic (peachy golden red foil), Zippy (copper brown chrome)

Row 3 houses a lot of the other gorgeous shimmers, and when looked at on it’s own, is probably my favourite row of all. I wouldn’t call Polished a duo-chrome, personally, but it is GORGEOUS. Probably my favourite shade in the palette, followed closely by Zodiac. Both of which I keep reaching for to throw all over the lid. Spice, however, was the one shade in the palette that didn’t quite hit the mark. When swatched, it has weird silver glitter in it even though it’s close to invisible in the pan. It didn’t translate quite so much on the eye but was still a strange touch.

Morphe 35O2 Second Nature Eyeshadow Palette Swatches - Dust, Risky, Chestnut, Halo, Rich, Brave, In The Zone - The Beauty Collection

ROW 4: Dust (ash muddy brown matte), Risky (warm red brown matte), Chestnut (reddish plum brown matte), Halo (deep taupe plum shimmer), Rich (warm chestnut brown matte), Brave (intense reddish brown matte), In the Zone (warm burgundy brown matte)

A couple of more maroon-y shades make up this row, as we start to get a couple more deeper shades. Halo is less metallic than the other shimmers in the palette, instead adding a gorgeous sheen to the lids. I’ve been loving it. Chestnut is another shade that I’ve been reaching for a lot to blend out in the crease and in the outer third of the eye to add a sort of cranberry warmth to an eye look. Gorgeous.

Morphe 35O2 Second Nature Eyeshadow Palette Swatches - Dust, Risky, Chestnut, Halo, Rich, Brave, In The Zone - Fawn, Stone, So Warm, Toast, Brunette, Muddy, Whiz - The Beauty Collection

ROW 5: Fawn (deep taupe brown matte), Stone (ash brown matte), So Warm (deep warm brown matte), Toast (warm chestnut brown matte), Brunette (deep plum brown matte), Muddy (deep ash brown matte), Whiz (intense deep black matte)

Row 5 is probably the least revolutionary of the palette – made up of deep browns and blacks. Although you can’t deny the importance of a good matte brown or black to throw close to the lash line. A couple of the shades do look quite similar to one another, particularly those first three. The black shadow was pretty good but required a bit of building up.

And once more, altogether…

Morphe 35O2 Second Nature Eyeshadow Palette Swatches - The Beauty Collection

Morphe 35O2 Second Nature Eyeshadow Palette

For those warm-tone eyeshadow lovers out there, it’s hard to deny that this palette kills it on the shade selection. It’s truly got a bit of everything. What I like about it is that you can hang out in the top couple of rows and create a day-time appropriate warm-toned eye (which is what I’ve been doing) or venture into the fourth and fifth rows and really smoking it out.

Needless to say, I’ve been surprised by how much I love this palette. I don’t normally lose my mind over Morphe releases but this is something special. If you’re sceptical about the brand, it could be worth trying this out and making your own mind up. And if you’re a warm-toned eyeshadow devotee, just hand over your bank card now.

Will you be picking up this palette?

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*some products in this post have been provided for editorial consideration, honesty as always!