4 To Try: Moogoo Skincare

4 To Try: Moogoo Skincare - Moogoo Skincare Milk Wash, Moogoo Skincare Rosehip Oil, Moogoo Skincare Full Cream Moisturiser, Moogoo Skincare Protein Shot Conditioner

I’m definitely the kind of person that mixes and matches with my skincare. There’s always new things to test so as a beauty writer, it’s tricky to stay loyal to just one brand. But after having lunch with the Moogoo team and learning a little about the range, I couldn’t resist adding in a bunch of Moogoo Skincare items into my already very full routine.

The range is all-natural and I can tell you from experience that a lot of love goes into the research and development of every product in the range. User feedback and testing is a super important step for them and they’re constantly trying to improve on their existing formulas. And best of all? The price point is awesome. I’ve tried a couple of things over the last couple of months and here are my top four recommendations from the range.

Want to try out Moogoo Skincare for yourself? Use the code HAPPYSKIN on their website for 15% off all Australian or NZ orders. It’s not affiliated, the guys at Moogoo are just super lovely!

Moogoo Skincare Milk Wash*

I was a little surprised to see a face cleanser coming in such a huge bottle. Until I read that it was a face cleanser that could be used all over the body. I’ve moved this one into my shower and have been using it every morning to cleanse my face, accompanied with my Clarisonic. I’ve also been reaching for it some mornings as a whole body wash. It’s made up of 6 low-irritant cleansers so after cleansing, my skin feels softer and perfectly clean. It’s become a clear favourite to kick start my skin and leave it ready for the day. The formula is quite thin and doesn’t really foam up but for the body, that’s great because it means it’s super moisturising. I get the feeling this will be a long-time favourite.

Moogoo Skincare Organic Rosehip Oil*

I’m normally used to finding my rosehip oils in glass jars with dropper tops. But Moogoo’s can be found in a tube, like the rest of the range. Because rosehip oil doesn’t respond well with sunlight, this is a great move to reduce any oxidisation of the product. We all know that I love rosehip oil any day of the week but I’ve been particularly loving this one because it’s one of the thinner formulations I’ve tried, meaning it doesn’t clog the skin, feel too heavy or take ages to soak into the skin. While still working incredibly effectively to leave my skin hydrated and clear. And the pump dispenser means I get the right amount of product every time. I’m already most of the way through this tube and will definitely be picking up another to accompany me to Europe because the packaging is so travel-friendly.

Moogoo Skincare Natural Full Cream Moisturiser*

The Moogoo Skin Milk Udder Cream was where the brand started years ago. And the Full Cream version is just a little thicker than the original, geared for drier skin types. And although I’m more on the combination-oily side of the spectrum, I’ve found it to be a perfect, lightweight option for my nighttime moisturiser. It leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and soft and smells subtly delicious, too. As the last step in my nightly skincare routine, this is great because it gets the job done and soaks in incredibly quickly.

Moogoo Skincare Protein Shot Leave-In Conditioner*

Moogoo also has a great looking hair care range to accompany the skincare. I was immediately intrigued by this leave-in conditioner. Free from silicones and made up almost entirely of nourishing, hydrating oils, I wasn’t surprised that I fell in love. It doesn’t weigh down the hair and instead, it’s left feeling just a little softer and healthier. I’ve been massaging a little into the ends of my hair after getting out of the shower and a little more after styling for a bit of shine and moisture. Another beauty that looks like it’ll stand the test of time in my collection.

Looking through the range from Moogoo, there’s so many other products on my list to try. I’ve been incredibly impressed with the range so far. So I can definitely recommend giving it a look if you’re after all-natural skincare that’s perfect for problematic skin.

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*some products in this post have been provided for editorial consideration, honesty as always!

  • I’m glad the discount was useful – I’m about to use it myself to pick up some more rosehip oil! 😉