My Thoughts On The Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadows

My Thoughts On The Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadows - Review & Swatch - Let Me Explain, Ringer, Bel Air, Conundrum, Made To Last, You Know The Drill, Just In Time, Ego, Boxer, High StrungA couple of weeks ago, in my Colourpop haul, I promised to get back to you all with my thoughts on the newly released Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadows. So I thought I better keep to my word and get to testing. I know I was excited for another brand to come out with single pan shadows, so I can imagine other people are too. It’s actually incredibly how quickly Colourpop have added new shades to their range. They’d only been around for a couple of weeks as I browsed the site but I was well and truly overwhelmed with the choices in the range. I’d heard very good things from friends about the formula so I couldn’t wait to try them when they arrived. And since then, I’ve hardly reached for anything else. In fact, I made a second order not long after to pick up a couple more…

My Thoughts On The Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadows - Review & Swatch - Let Me Explain, Ringer, Bel Air, Conundrum, Made To Last, You Know The Drill, Just In Time, Ego, Boxer, High Strung

I’ll admit, in the past, a lot of Colourpop formulas haven’t overly impressed me. But this new launch has got me falling in love. I’m truly impressed with the quality across the board of the ten shades I own now. They’re all intensely pigmented in one swatch. Not patchy or dry. The shimmers range from a subtle sheen to an intense metallic finish, which I love – there’s a little bit of everything. And the mattes have well and truly won me over. They kick up a little bit of powder in the pan but when applied, they’re soft, easily blendable and don’t apply patchy. Everything I’m looking for in a matte formula.

I find they work best with a primer underneath, however. Some of the more metallic shades can crease a little and fade during the day without a base underneath. There is a little bit of inevitable fallout across the board. So I definitely recommend setting your undereye first, making it easier to just brush away.

Swatches of Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadow - Let Me Explain, Ringer, Bel Air, Conundrum, Made To LastSwatched: Let Me Explain, Ringer, Bel Air, Conundrum, Made To Last.

Let Me Explain is a beautiful shimmering ivory shade with a warm undertone to it. Ringer is similar but slightly more peachy and golden. Both are incredibly smooth and pigmented. I’ve been dabbling with these as inner corner highlights but they’re both a little too warm, I find. Perfect for throwing in the center of the lid for an intense shine though.

I own three mattes, as I was interested to see how they performed. Bel Air is a medium, neutral brown, Conundrum is slightly darker and warmer and Made To Last is more on the mauve side of the brown spectrum. I’ve actually been particularly impressed with these matte shades. I expected them to be a little drier and harder to blend but haven’t had any problems. I’ve been mixing and matching with these three blended into the crease to start off my eye look and I’m in love. It can take a little work to blend them out if you apply too much at once but I find working in layers helps.

Swatches of Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadow - You Know The Drill, Just In Time, Ego, Boxer, High StrungSwatched: You Know The Drill, Just In Time, Ego, Boxer, High Strung.

You Know The Drill is a warm, metallic golden-bronze. Just In Time is a lighter, yellower gold. Just In Time is slightly less metallic than You Know The Drill. These two arrived in my second wave of Colourpop orders as I didn’t spot them the first time around.

Ego is a stunning rosy bronze. As I mentioned in my original haul, it’s got a tiny bit of silver glitter in the pan which translates to the lid unfortunately, which I personally don’t love. But I can overlook it as the base shade is so lovely. Boxer is a deeper true bronze. I find that this one is a tiny bit drier and provides more of a subtle sheen than an intense metallic finish. Finally, High Strung is bronze with plenty of rosy undertones. High Strung is definitely the best one when it comes to formula. It’s the most intensely metallic of the bunch and just a hint creamier. It reminds me a lot of the Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadow formula.

As you can tell, for me, Colourpop knocked it out of the park with this launch. And I’m very happy to have another affordable option to throw in my Z-Palette. I can definitely tell I’ll be adding to my collection in no time…

Have you tried the Colourpop Pressed Powder Eyeshadows yet?

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  • The shades you have are gorgeous. I’m waiting on a Colourpop order with quite a few of the pressed shadows – I’m so excited to get them! x

  • I have and I am really enjoying it. You should get ‘red’ and get it’. Such a gorgeous peachy gold duochrome!

  • I’m still on the fence about the CP eyeshadows because I order two and while one of them swatched amazingly, the other one barely picked up on my finger/brush. Your swatches look amazing though! Think I’ll give them another chance in the near future 🙂

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  • Fernanda Turri Braga

    I bought High Strung as well and I actually found this to be the hardest to use! I don’t think the beautiful color and sheen translates to my eyelids that well. Which brush do you use to pack it on the lid?

    New in Makeup

    • Oh how strange! I’ve been using with a small, dense, flat brush and working slowly – patting it onto the lid. It also applies well with your finger, I think!

  • I got four for my birthday which I’m really excited about! They swatch so nicely so I’m eager to see how they go on the eyes. I totally agree – the shade range has expanded exponentially! I’m happy to see that there are some fairly unique colours in there. I love your rosey-brown-bronze theme! I’m sad I missed out on when they were giving away the free empty palettes – seem so good for travel!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Ooh what an awesome birthday present! And you’re right – there are plenty of unique shades in there as well as plenty of neutrals to draw me in 😛 And I love the palette – will be super useful when I go away, I think!

  • Such a great idea – if you wait for a sale then they’re an absolute steal!