Things To Think About When Building A Skincare Routine

Things To Think About When Building A Skincare Routine

Skincare can be very confusing. There are all kinds of different products, formulas and ingredients coming onto the market all the time and it’s very hard to keep up and wrap your head around the whole thing. So for the skincare beginner, it can be a pretty daunting task. Today, I wanted to touch on a couple of questions you should be asking yourself as you create your very own, tailor-made regime.

What’s your skin type?

Of course, this is where you need to start. It all begins with knowing your skin inside and out. Everyone sits somewhere on the dry to oily skin spectrum so it’s important to work out where you are. After cleansing your skin, does it often feel tight? Do you have flakey patches of skin? This means you probably have dry skin. Do you get shiny on your forehead or around your nose? You’re probably more on the oily side of the spectrum. Have areas of dryness and areas of oiliness? It’s likely you’ve got combination skin. Here’s a great article to help you determine what skin type you have.

What are your main skin concerns?

Once you’ve worked out what kind of skin you have, you can then look a little closer at what you’d like to normalise about your skin. I’m talking things like redness, spots, wrinkles or hyperpigmentation. Everyone’s got their own unique set of things they love about their skin and things they’d love to fix. Understanding these things can help you tailor your routine and find the products to help with those problems.

Are there particular brands that you love?

Then it’s time to build your routine. There are a lot of products out there and it can get overwhelming when you’re reading the labels on every single item so start with a brand you know and trust and work from there. Is there a brand you feel comfortable with and has worked for you in the past? It’s well worth starting your search here to see what takes your fancy.

What’s your budget?

Perhaps, most importantly, you need to work out the budget you’re working with and what you’re willing to spend on skincare. There’s definitely awesome budget skincare out there I’m a firm believer that you can budget skincare can be just as effective at a lower price. I recommend starting off with budget items and gradually, as you get more comfortable and familiar with your routine, spend a little more money in some spots in your routine as you see fit.

What extra treatments should you have on the side?

Once you’ve got your morning and night routine down, it’s also nice to think about masks or treatments that are more of a weekly pamper sort of thing. It’s lovely to sit down on a Sunday night and give yourself a little bit of TLC. I also find the masks and treatments that I have on hand can get me out of a bad skin day in no time so they’re useful to have lying around if everything goes haywire.

What steps are you missing? Do you understand what it’s all doing?

The most basic skincare routine is “cleanse, tone, moisturise”. This should be the base of pretty much any regime. But beyond this, you can add in serums, treatments, eye creams and any other steps to your heart’s content. It’s also important to make sure you have an SPF on hand, never underestimate the importance of sun protection! Work out what your routine is going to look like and then add in products from there.

Through extension, the next step is understanding what you’re putting on your face and what you’re hoping it to do. For example, with a moisturiser, you’re obviously hoping it’ll hydrate your skin but with some serums and treatments, they have more targeted results so you need to know what they’re doing before you can tell if they’re being effective.

Hopefully, this was helpful for any skincare beginners or even those that already have a routine in place. It’s definitely a process. It takes a while to fit everything together into a cohesive and effective routine but it’s most definitely worth it in the end.

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