Benefit Cheek Parade Palette – Is It Worth The Splurge?

Benefit Cheek Parade Palette - Is It Worth The Splurge? - Review & SwatchesYear after year, Benefit bring out stunning cheek palettes. They’re always chock full of beautiful shades and every single time, I convince myself that I need it in my life. But nevertheless, I never justify the purchase. But this time around, the launch of the Benefit Cheek Parade Palette came after the two Benefit blushes I owned (and loved) were ruined. It also nicely coincided with the Sephora VIB Sale. One thing led to another and here we are, with this beauty in my possession. Three blushes, two bronzers and one of Benefit’s standard blush brushes. All together in one stunning palette.

Since it arrived, I’ve hardly put it down. Mixing, matching, testing and thoroughly enjoying my purchase. Luckily, I grabbed mine a little cheaper from the U.S. but in Australia, it’s certainly a bit of a splurge so I thought I better let you know if it’s really worth your pennies.

Benefit Cheek Parade Palette - Is It Worth The Splurge? - Review & Swatches

First, let’s talk shades.

Hoola, Benefit’s very hyped up bronzer, has already been in my collection for a little while. It’s one of those bronzers that tends to divide people. For me, I think I need to accept that it’s probably a little too dark for me. With a light hand, I can make it work but when I have so many favourites for my pale skin, I often forget to reach for it. This was the one shade in the palette that I knew I wouldn’t get a whole lot of use out of, which is why I’m glad they added Hoola Lite in as well. Nevertheless, Hoola is a favourite of friend’s of mine with deeper skin tones so it’s definitely not worth writing off.

Galifornia is the newest addition to the Benefit blush lineup. And a beautiful one, at that. And how cute is that name, too? The pan itself has a stunning design on it but does have a gold overspray, to begin with. Sure, it looks pretty but can make that first application a little trickier. Underneath, is a vivid, matte coral pink. And the pigmentation is certainly not mucking about. I’ve hardly even been touching my brush to the pan before applying to my cheeks. But I have been loving the colour. This is the kind of shade that’ll add life to any skin tone, I’d say. I think I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this shade in the warmer weather.

Rockateur has been a long-time love for me, I’m all about these sort of nude, sort of pink shades. Every time I wear Rockateur on my cheeks I look healthy, glowy but natural. Rockateur has a bit of a sheen to it, unlike the others in this lineup, but it suits the shade perfectly to stop it looking too flat on the cheeks. After my pan that I got in a Benefit kit got waterlogged after my room got flooded, I was pretty devastated, so I’m glad I got my hands on it again.

Hoola Lite is another new release for Benefit. And I was very glad to see it in this palette. Introducing a pale-friendly alternative to Hoola was a great move from the brand and it was definitely one of the main reasons I picked this up. As you can see from the swatches, Hoola Lite is much easier to work with on my skin tone. It adds warmth without being too orange so I’ve been reaching for this one a lot.

Dandelion was another shade that I had in my collection before the pan got ruined. It’s a no-fuss, easy-to-wear light pink that I absolutely love when I want something simple and feminine. It goes with just about any look and can be sheered out or built up on the cheeks. Another solid addition to the line-up and another shade that would work across a lot of different skin tones.

Benefit Cheek Parade Palette - Is It Worth The Splurge? - Review & Swatches

In Australia, one single Benefit blush (or bronzer) retails for $52. You actually get the same amount of product in their single blushes as you do in this palette, the pan weight varies across the shades. So when you add together all five of those shades, the $99 retail price actually sounds fairly reasonable. It’s great value, sure but that’s still a lot of money to drop on one item.

The formula? Well, personally I reckon it’s pretty great across the board. Soft, blendable and just pigmented enough. So it really comes down to what you think of the shades. Think you’re going to get wear out of all of them? Most of them? Or only one or two? That’s what you need to work out before handing over your bank card. It’s also made easier by a couple of retailers that offer Afterpay, such as Adore BeautyMyer & Princess Polly.

My little niggle with this palette would be that I wish they included their new highlighter shade, Dandelion Twinkle, instead of the blush brush on the bottom right that honestly, won’t ever get used by me. The packaging is also quite bulky – this palette isn’t a travel palette, so much as a try-everything-out palette. But overall, I couldn’t be happier that I finally decided to take the plunge and grab it. If you’ve been looking for a chance to try out any of these Benefit shades, this is definitely your chance.

Are you going to be picking this one up?

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  • Laura Tough

    So interesting to hear how much you’re enjoying it! I’ve heard some mixed reviews about the packaging. I really wanted to pick it up but I already have two of the powders so I couldn’t just couldn’t justify it. If it had twinkle instead of rocksteur I totally would have!

    Laura ||

    • Yeah the packaging is definitely a statement but not really designed for travel, which would’ve been awesome! And I totally know what you mean! I did have Rockateur and Dandelion but once they were ruined, this was the perfect opportunity for me to repurchase them! I do really wish it had Twinkle though…

  • Oh yay! I’m glad to hear you’re loving it too!