6 Of My Top TV Show Recommendations

My Top 6 TV Show Recommendations - Westworld, Mad Men, Sense8, Master of None, Gilmore Girls, Parks & RecreationAnd now for something completely different. I thought it was time for a bit of easy, Saturday morning reading. You all know I love talking about my makeup obsessions. But when I’m not writing about beauty, or taking photos, you can bet that I’m watching Netflix. So yes, it’s a little random, but today I wanted to pass on some of my “wisdom” and let you know the shows that I think everyone should be watching.


First, one that I don’t hear many people talking about. When this first came out, a friend at work bothered me for weeks telling me I had to watch it and once I got around to it, I was hooked. I don’t even really know how to explain the premise but essentially, it centres around a Wild West “theme park” where all of the ‘hosts’ are robots. You see what goes on within the park as well as what’s happening in the labs behind the scenes. Trust me, it’s much better than how I just described it.

The first half of the season can drag a little, as they set everything up but it’s definitely worth sticking with it. The twists and turns in the final episodes had me stunned. The cast is impeccable, the writing is beautiful and the sheer scope of the project is immense. Somehow, even jumping between the nostalgic wild west and the futuristic labs behind the scenes, doesn’t feel jarring. Some of the content can be pretty heavy and there’s definitely some adult scenes, so that’s worth noting, just in case.

Mad Men

For me, this is right up there with some of the best drama television I’ve ever witnessed. Jon Hamm is incredible as the main character, Don Draper, an advertising genius in the 60s. Seeing as I study advertising and marketing, that whole aspect of the show is fascinating but really, the character and plot development through the seven seasons is what’s really incredible. Over the seven seasons, so much happens to the characters and also the world around them. The writing is beautifully done and the ending is so well thought-out, there were definitely tears. If you want some nostalgic New York vibes, look no further. This show definitely deserves all of the praise that it is given, in my opinion.


Although the premise of this show seems a little hard to grasp at first, it didn’t take me long to become enthralled in the Sense8 universe. The idea is that there are eight individuals, connected to each other around the world. What I particularly love about this show is the underlying message of acceptance of others. It portrays different cultures and countries beautifully and also has strong LGBT+ representation, which doesn’t feel token or as if it’s put in as an afterthought. Instead, the characters are all beautifully written and acted by the cast.

It explores acceptance and relationships in a way that often doesn’t get explored well enough in television. The cast itself is so diverse and the writing is so well done. Beyond the show being entertaining, it stands on it’s own as a sort of social commentary on the world we live in. It’s also a great one for travel lovers as it’s shot on location all over the world. There is certainly quite a bit of adult content involved, so be aware.

Master of None

Another Netflix Original that I just can’t get enough of. I love Aziz Ansari in anything and everything he does so I knew as soon as I heard about Master of None that I’d love it. But it still surpassed all expectations. It’s witty and relatable, written in a way that really resonates with the audience, especially those in the younger generation. It’s had a wonderful critical response and I can understand why. I watched the first season in no time. I’m currently rewatching it before going on to the newly released second season because it’s just that good.

Gilmore Girls

After binge-watching the whole series a couple of years ago, this has gone right up there with my favourite shows of all time. Amy Sherman-Palladino’s writing is quick, witty and sharp and the acting is just perfect. The relationship between mother and daughter is endearing, as is watching the character progression of all of those in Stars Hollow. This is just one of those feel-good comedies that you need to watch.

Parks & Recreation

Parks & Rec is my ultimate, laugh-out-loud comedy. I can watch episodes again and again and never get sick of it. It probably helps that I love all of the actors in it but man, I can recommend this show to everyone if you’re after an awesome feel-good comedy show. The first couple of episodes are a little shaky but it just keeps getting better. It’s about a group of people that work for the Parks & Recreation department in Pawnee, Indiana, centered around a highly neurotic but completely lovable Leslie, played by Amy Poehler, but really, it’s just all kinds of wonderful ridiculousness.

This hardly even scratches the surface of TV shows I love but it’s a great place to start. Let me know if you liked reading this and I’d be happy to continue bombarding you with favourites…

What are your favourite TV shows?

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  • belladilemma

    I cannot wait to get back into Masters Of None, and eagerly awaiting the return of House Of Cards. 13 Reasons Why is also a heartbreaking yet wonderful watch.

    • House of Cards has been on my list for ages! And I did quite like 13 Reasons Why but definitely still making my mind up about parts of it!

  • Can totally recommend a good binge watch of Gilmore Girls!

  • Lily Everest

    Great list! I have also watched most of these. Maybe you could do an updated one as many people (myself included) will have time to catch up on some TV shows over the holidays 🙂

    A few recommendations if you haven’t already watched them: Black Mirror (the new season comes out on December 29 so it is the perfect time to catch up), Game of Thrones (the best TV series EVER), The Handmaid’s Tale, Alias Grace & Big Little Lies

    • I’ll definitely have to do an updated one sometime soon! Gives me an excuse to watch lots of new things… hahah

      LOVE all of your recommendations, the only one I haven’t seen is Alias Grace so that’s going straight on the list. Absolutely loved Big Little Lies and of course, Game of Thrones is THE best!

  • Will definitely check it out!