4 Ways To Deal With A Bad Skin Day

5 Things To Do On A Bad Skin DaySome days I just wake up and know that my skin has something great planned for me. Maybe it’s a bit of redness, maybe it’s a painful spot lurking under the surface, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who has this happen. In some ways, there’s not a lot that can be done when my skin decides to throw a tantrum but over the years, I’ve found a couple of things can make a difference to how long it takes to get everything back to normal. Here are five of my top tips to help you through a bad skin day.

1 / Drink lots of water & take a look at what you’re eating.

Personally, I know I need to get better with drinking water regularly. Because whenever I do stay nice and hydrated, my skin thanks me for it. It looks clearer and looks a little glowier than normal. So when my skin is beginning to play up, or even if I just want to look particularly glowy, I make sure to keep a full water bottle on hand.

I also like to take a look at what I’m eating if my skin starts getting grumpy with me. Upped your sugar intake lately? That could be the culprit. I also know that my skin normally likes to surprise me with a spot or two if I’ve had any alcohol.

2 / Pare back your skincare routine.

Always bring your skincare routine back to the bare essentials, the products that you know your skin loves. If there’s something new that you’ve added into your routine, it could be worth going easy on it for a couple of days to see if maybe that’s what your skin was reacting to. When my skin cracks it, I always bring my routine down to a bare minimum. I also lather on the rosehip oil, because I know my skin loves it.

3 / Make use of an awesome clarifying face mask.

Yes, it sounds counterintuitive to the last point but I’ll just have to make an exception for slathering on a great face mask that’ll clear your skin up. If my skin is feeling really gross and congested, I’ll always reach for a 15-minute treatment to kickstart my skin.Lately, I’ve been loving the L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask: Detoxifying & Brightening Charcoal Mask. You can also follow it up with a soothing, hydrating one for even better results. I love soothing masks for when I have an angry, red blemish.

4 / Minimise makeup wearing time.

Although frequently wearing makeup shouldn’t really be an issue if you’re cleansing effectively each night, sometimes keeping makeup-wearing to a minimum can be a big help. If you can, give your skin a couple of days off entirely. But otherwise, use products you know and love and make sure you’re thoroughly cleansing the skin when you get home. Some days I don’t bother to take my makeup off the second I walk through the door but when makeup wearing is unavoidable and my skin is beginning to feel a little irritable, I like to make sure I wash my face as soon as I get home so that my skin has time to breathe.

What are your favourite tips for a bad skin day?

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