Another Look At Go-To Skincare

Another Look at Go-To Skincare - Go To Skincare Exfoliating Swipeys & Go To Skincare Face Hero - Review - The Beauty Collection

For years now, I’ve been lusting after a couple of bits from Go-To Skincare. The packaging, the philosophy behind the brand and a bit of a girl-crush on the founder, Zoe Foster-Blake, all had me severely hooked but somehow, I never actually clicked purchase on the items in my cart. I’m guessing it was because I already had far too much skincare hanging out in my drawers to begin with. I managed to grab the Lips! lip balm a while ago, which I loved, but I was still dying to try more from the range. I was lucky enough to receive a couple of bits and pieces from the brand last year and since then, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying finally getting the chance to try out these peachy keen wonder products.

Go-To Skincare Exfoliating Swipeys*

We all know that I’m pretty partial to a good acid toner, especially one cleverly designed to be quick and easy to apply. The name Exfoliating Swipeys is spot-on – one quick swipe all over the face after cleansing in the evenings and my skin is looking far glowier by morning. These are some of the more subtle ones that I’ve tried, never irritating on my skin, so this would be a particularly awesome investment for those that want to try acid toning but struggle with sensitivity or redness. I’ve been reaching for these a lot lately and have really seen an improvement in the texture and the all-round glowiness of my complexion.

I love pre-soaked cotton pads to apply the product but often, I find that they can dry out quite easily. That hasn’t been the case here at all. They even come with a small zip-lock bag in case you want to take a couple away with you while travelling.

Another Look at Go-To Skincare - Go To Skincare Exfoliating Swipeys & Go To Skincare Face Hero - Review - The Beauty Collection

Go-To Skincare Face Hero Oil*

Go-To’s range is full of the bare essentials done well, so of course, it made sense for them to add a hydrating, nourishing facial oil to the round-up. Again, facial oils are an absolute staple in my nighttime routine and when my skin is looking and feeling a little lacklustre this is what I reach for. I love Face Hero partly because it’s lightweight and soaks into the skin so beautifully but mostly because every time I apply it, my skin instantly thanks me for it.

The ingredients list is made up almost entirely of things that finish in the word oil. Almond oil, jojoba oil, macadamia oil and the list goes on so it’s no wonder that this stuff gives such glowy results. If I’m struggling with an active breakout or feel like my skin is being particularly badly behaved then I tend to switch it out for my trusty rosehip oil for a couple of days to get it back under control but this is my favourite for when my skin needs a little extra glow and hydration.

Have you tried anything from the Go-To range?

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