The 10 Best Selling Cosmetics at Priceline

Priceline Bestsellers - The Top 10 Best Selling Cosmetics at Priceline Australia

Big news – the Priceline 40% off cosmetics sale is back again! I’m making up my wishlist and getting ready to head in first thing tomorrow morning – the sale runs this Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd of March. If you need recommendations, you know I’ve got a million and one past posts to check out, which you can view here.

But today I thought I’d do something a little different. It’s fair to say that we all love having a look at what everyone else is buying. So naturally, I got to wondering what the top 10 best-selling products were at Priceline. I know they’re my go-to for drugstore makeup in Australia and I know I’m not alone with that, so I thought it would be cool to see what everyone else was obsessed with, too.

Priceline sold 3.4 million lipsticks and lip glosses in 2016 – although I’m probably personally responsible for a quarter of that, just think of how many happy people there are out there with their brand new lipsticks! It seems crazy to me that there are only three brands that make up the whole top 10 list, especially when there’s so many awesome brands available in store, but I can definitely see why all of these are best sellers.

Here’s a look at the top 10 best selling products at Priceline in FY16.

1 – Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover (Medium)

I wasn’t surprised to see this one at the top of the best-sellers list, I’ve heard before just how much this product sells at Priceline. Over 2,000 units a week – obviously Australians have a serious obsession! And since trying it out for myself, I totally get it – lightweight, natural coverage is everyone’s favourite. And this formula is pretty much foolproof. It looks so natural, pretty much undetectable on the skin and I always hear raves from beauty lovers and casual makeup wearers alike.

2 – Australis AC On Tour Kit

When this contour kit hit stores a while back, it caused a frenzy. It took me ages to get a hold of it because I think not even Australis was prepared for the huge amounts of hype. In fact, one of my top viewed posts of all time here on TBC is my comparison between this and the Models Prefer option that launched later on. I personally didn’t get along too well with this one, I found the contour shades a little too muddy and tricky to blend. But the top row does deserve a little more credit – particularly that middle shade, but more on that later…

3 – Maybelline Master Precise Liner

Whenever I see someone asking for liquid liner recommendations, the Maybelline Master Precise is always the most suggested of them all. And even coming from an eyeliner noob such as myself, I can see why. The felt tip nib is easy to manoeuvre and can provide anything from a thin line to an intense wing. The only complaint I hear about this one is that it can dry out rather quickly.

4 – Australis AC On Tour Cream Contour & Highlight Kit*

Following the release of their powder contour kits, Australis got on board with the cream contouring trend, too. I haven’t tried the best-selling light but judging by the cool tone shade that I own, these kits are a great starting point for beginners to cream contouring.

5 – Nude by Nature Mineral Cover (Light/Medium)

Another appearance by the NBN Mineral Cover in the top 10 – that’s seriously impressive. This time in the Light/Medium shade, rather than the Medium.

6 – Maybelline HyperSharp Wing Liquid Liner*

It would seem that Maybelline well and truly dominates the liquid liner sales in Priceline. The HyperSharp liner released a little more recently than the Master Precise and in my eyes, it’s just a little bit easier to use. The felt tip on this one has two widths depending on which way you angle it. And I’ve noticed it doesn’t dry out quite as quickly as the Master Precise.

7 – Australis Banana Powder

The success of the original contour kits was definitely the banana powder sitting in the middle of the top row, so Australis was clever and brought it out separately. The subtle but effective brightening effect that this has is clearly adored by many. I really love using it to lightly set my under eyes and even my chin and nose, on occasion.

8 – Maybelline Eye Studio Master Liner 24HR Cream

The third and final Maybelline liner in the mix. This time, it’s a creamy kohl liner. It’s been a while since I’ve had this one hanging out in my drawers but if you’re after a fuss-free, easy way to add a little smokiness to your eye look, this is a great place to start.

9 – Maybelline The Nudes Eye Palette

This palette full of beautiful neutrals definitely grabbed the attention of every beauty junkie when it first launched. I tried it out when it first launched and found it a little hit and miss – some shades perform well but some shades don’t really deliver on the pigmentation front. Nevertheless, it was one of the first in the trend of drugstore neutral eyeshadow palettes.

10 – Australis Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder

I remember when this powder used to be all the rage, everyone was using this to set their face. It seems to be a highly repurchased item, too. I’ve had one sitting up the back of my drawer for a while now, waiting for me to finish other things off and after trying it out, I can see why it’s such a cult favourite.

Are any of these products favourites for you?

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