Cinch Face Cheat Moisture & Glow

Cinch Face Cheat Moisture & Glow Review

I’m all about multi-tasking beauty products – anything that can fit effortlessly into my routine often turns itself into a quick favourite. My latest primer-toner-moisturiser obsession has come from a brand that was previously unknown to me – Cinch Skin. Their solitary product in the line-up, Cinch Face Cheat Moisture & Glow*has been doing a bit of everything for the last couple of months – it’s marketed as a moisturiser, illuminator, pore refiner and primer. I mentioned I was falling in love twice already but I thought it was time to report in to let you know it was worth picking up.

To start with, let’s talk the basics. The spray itself dispenses as a really fine mist – two or three spritzes is enough to cover my face. But without making sure to give it a vigorous shake first, it can leave larger, slightly noticeable droplets on the face. It has a scent that I can’t quite put my finger on – not my favourite but also not a dealbreaker.

At first, I wasn’t quite sure where to fit this one in my routine but I eventually settled on using it as a primer spray. A couple of spritzes adds an incredible luminosity to the skin and also leaves it feeling smoother, creating the perfect base for my foundation. Since adding this into my routine I’ve definitely noticed my complexion looking more luminous and, even better, my makeup has been staying flawless for longer.

I personally haven’t been using it solely as skincare in the evening as I find the luminosity a little too dewy for my combination skin. Set down with powder and under foundation, it works a little better on my skin type. If your skin is a little more on the drier side, this could still be an effective way to use it. Think of it like a handy pick-me-up for lacklustre skin.

Cinch Face Cheat Moisture & Glow Review

I’ve also been experimenting with this as a finishing spray but find that the finish can be quite intense. Again, for those with dry skin types who really crave a glow, this would be perfect.

Particularly for those with drier skin types, this could be a new favourite. If you crave a little more glow to your complexion, this delivers both with or without makeup. Oilier complexions might find it a little intimidating to work with but even paired with a matte foundation, it works beautifully to prepare the skin for foundation.

This seems like it could be an effective dupe for the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, which had it’s moment in the spotlight in 2016. It works similarly to add luminosity to the skin while also having some skincare properties included. As a slightly cheaper and easier to source alternative, this one is well worth adding to your Priceline skincare wishlist.

Have you seen this one in your local Priceline?

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