Four New Skincare Additions

Some New Skincare Additions - Cinch Face Cheat, Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, Pixi Glow Tonic, Go-To Skincare Face Hero Facial Oil - Review

After sharing my skincare routine a couple of months ago, my skin has been behaving very well. But as is always the case, some products run out and get replaced. This time around, there were some good ones being introduced to the routine. I’ve been focusing my skincare less on spot prevention and more on improving texture and adding glow so all of these products are well and truly in the exfoliating, brightening departments. Here are a couple of new bits and pieces that have been keeping my skin very happy over the last few weeks.

Cinch Face Cheat*

I already mentioned that this was a hit in my monthly favourites but it was worth a bit more of an explanation. I’ve been using this as a primer spray, spritzing some on before going in with foundation and my skin’s been looking glowy and hydrated from the very first step. I’ve also noticed my makeup lasting longer, which is always appreciated. I admittedly wasn’t expecting incredible things but it’s quickly become an everyday essential for me. Makeup or no makeup, a simple spritz makes my skin look a little more luminous.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant*

I’d had a sample of this in the past but I’m very glad to add it back into the routine. This powder, when mixed in with water, turns into a super powerful yet gentle exfoliating paste. I’ve been using this every other day to really improve the texture of my skin. This one’s been helping to up the glow factor after use. But as a longer-term effect, it’s been really improving the texture left behind by spots on my chin and jawline. If you’re someone who struggles with texture or dullness to the skin, it could be worth making the investment.

Some New Skincare Additions - Cinch Face Cheat, Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, Pixi Glow Tonic, Go-To Skincare Face Hero Facial Oil - Review

Pixi Glow Tonic*

I can’t even remember how long Glow Tonic has been on my wishlist. Years, at the least. But it’s always been quite tricky to get it shipped to Australia (it’s now available on ASOS, though – super easy). Unsurprisingly, when I finally got a chance to get it on my face, it was love at first application. My skin always responds well to acid toners but this one has been doing a great job of getting to work on scarring and pigmentation while also stopping more breakouts from occurring.

Go-To Skincare Face Hero Oil*

The final new addition has been switching out my rosehip oil for this peachy-packaged wonder product. Go-To has been another brand I’ve wanted to try for ages and Face Hero has been high up on my wishlist. It’s full of lots of different oils (including almond, jojoba & rosehip) so it feels incredibly nourishing on the skin while remaining lightweight on the skin. It never feels like it’s clogging pores, instead, it soaks in beautifully and leaves my skin looking extra glowy by morning.

In summary, my skin’s probably never looked this glowy and hydrated. Particularly coming out of the colder months when my skin often has needed a little more moisture, I’m very impressed. I’m finally getting to the stage where I’m really happy with my routine. I’m no longer waiting to finish things off so I can move onto the next thing and I think my skin’s thanking me for that.

What have been your skincare saviours lately?

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