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Look Good Feel Better Brushes Review - Makeover Brush Set & Mini Masterclass Set

For the longest time, the drugstore makeup brush scene was well and truly dominated by Models Prefer & Real Techniques. My collection is well and truly a testament to this but there’s a new brand in Priceline that has definitely grabbed my attention.

The launch of these brushes from Look Good Feel Better have been a bit of a revelation over the last couple of months. Not only is the charitable side of the company totally incredible, providing makeup and skincare workshops to those undergoing cancer treatment (you can read more about it here), but the brushes they’ve brought out are some of the best quality brushes I’ve found in the drugstore. I’ve been playing around with two of their sets for a while now and thought I needed to share the good news – these are well worth your pennies.

Look Good Feel Better Brushes Review - Makeover Brush Set & Mini Masterclass Set Look Good Feel Better Brushes Review - Makeover Brush Set & Mini Masterclass Set

Look Good Feel Better The Makeover Brush Set* –

The first set that I was trying out came with four brushes – the Powder Brush, the Finishing Brush, the Tapered Brush and the Detail Brush. It gives you a sort of taste test into the range and from the second I saw them I knew we’d get along. The Powder Brush in the set is slightly tapered at the end and a little denser than what I’d normally reach for when applying powder but it’s actually been a favourite to apply blush to the cheeks – it picks up the powder well because it’s so dense but because it’s so soft, it still diffuses the colour out perfectly so it never looks over the top. The Finishing Brush, a duo-fibre stippling brush, piqued my interest straight away and I haven’t been disappointed – I’ve been using it a bit for foundation but really love it for cream blush. The Tapered Brush is by far my favourite of the set, purely because it looks and acts so much like my favourite eye brush of all time – the Sigma E40. The long, fluffy bristles look almost exactly the same and do just as good a job of really blending out eyeshadow into the crease. This one’s been a daily star of my makeup routine. Finally, the Detailer Brush isn’t normally one I’d reach for but when I’ve needed something precise for concealing – this has been working wonders.

The whole set is super solid – they’re the kind of brush shapes that everyone needs in their collection.

Look Good Feel Better Brushes Review - Makeover Brush Set & Mini Masterclass Set

Look Good Feel Better Mini Masterclass Set* –

This mini set all have smaller handles and would be totally ideal for travelling and, again, they cover a lot of the bases that a makeup lover would look for in a brush kit. There’s a Powder Brush in this set too but it’s a different shape to the one in the Makeover Brush Set – this time, it’s your standard round, super fluffy brush. Super quick and super effective at applying powder all over the face. The Foundation/Concealer Brush is a flat, dense brush, not what I normally use for foundation so I’ll admit this is the one I’ve been getting the least use out of but for thicker, creamier foundations this has still been a winner. And finally, the Eyeshading Brush is the best shape for patting colour onto the lid – small, precise but still super soft.

I can already tell that the Powder and Eyeshading Brushes in the set will be ideal for me when I’m throwing together a makeup bag to travel with.

Look Good Feel Better Brushes Review - Makeover Brush Set & Mini Masterclass Set

Every brush impresses me – they’re all incredibly soft, they wash well and hold their shape and above all, they just feel incredibly well made. On top of this, a 15% of profits from sales at Priceline goes to the LGFB charity – what more reason could you need for a couple of new brushes? I’m definitely intending on picking up some of the separate brushes because overall, the range seems well thought out and fairly priced.

Have you tried the Look Good Feel Better brushes?

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  • sassy

    I have few of their brushes (all for eyes) & they are really great 😀 Powder & finishing brush are on my to buy list

  • Shilpa Shetty

    Waaw,.. brushes seems to be super soft,..

  • Elizabeth Mellor

    The one on my wishlist is the bronzer brush, it’s retractable and refillable, it will be perfect for travelling and handbag..