Foundation Files / L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation

Foundation Files - L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation

Put glow in the name of your foundation and you can be pretty sure that I’m going to buy it. In fact, in the case of this new L’Oreal release, I’ll look in every aisle of every drugstore in Manhattan until I find it in my shade. That was how keen I was to give the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation a go. With claims of comfort, longevity and most importantly, radiance, it didn’t take long for me to get this onto my face after I arrived home from the US. I’ve been wearing it quite a lot, including trialling it on some very long days, so it’s time to weigh in.

Packaging –

Similar to it’s matte sister – the US release of this foundation comes in a practical tube with a glossy finish, rather than a matte.

Application –

It’s a little thinner than the Matte formulation of this foundation, but that contributes to it feeling lighter and more comfortable on the skin. It applies well with a brush or a BeautyBlender – a BB sort of makes it a little more radiant but I’ve been preferring applying it with a dense-ish brush for great coverage before bopping over it with a BeautyBlender to make sure it’s all blended in.

Finish –

Pro-Glow lives up to it’s claims here – it’s definitely radiant on the skin without looking too glowy. It is seriously stunning, from the first application I was in love with the look that this gave my complexion. I obsessively set my face down with powder and although this sort of takes away a little more the dewiness, the skin still looks seriously bright and radiant.

Foundation Files - L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation

Coverage –

One layer provides actually fairly decent coverage – easily enough for me on a daily basis. Another light layer takes it from a light-medium to a proper medium coverage but also starts to take things into a slightly cakier territory.

Wear –

Set down with a bit of powder, this does wear well on the skin, for the most part. My temperamental & dry winter skin has had it breaking up around my nose and chin and settling into pores a little more than normal towards the end of the day and any noticeable dry patches were slightly accentuated if I got a little too heavy-handed with the application. It’s not perfect and if your skin type falls somewhere on the middle of the dry to oily spectrum then you’d probably get along just fine.

Shade –

I picked up the lightest shade, 201 Classic Ivory. I was initially sceptical but the shade actually works quite well for me – it’s a teeny bit yellow toned but I actually prefer my foundations that way to cancel out the redness in my skin.

If you have dry skin, this will be more of a success than it’s matte counterpart but still could accentuate dry patches if you don’t apply it with a sponge or if you get a little too heavy handed with a brush.
If you have oily skin, if you set it down with powder, this could still look absolutely beautiful on oilier skin types but I’ve personally found it shows signs of breaking up around the t-zone as well as slightly sinking into pores by the end of the day. The L’Oreal Pro-Matte foundation would probably be a better choice.

Lightweight, glowy and with enough coverage to keep me happy – although the wear isn’t perfect, it’s still been a good one to throw on when I know I’ve got a shorter day ahead of me. As I mentioned, if you’ve got more of a normal to dry skin type this could work quite well for you and personally, I’ve been loving it with my normal to slightly combination skin. I’m excited for it to launch in Australia and I think it will go quite well here, I know it’s personally going to slot in nicely to my bases on rotation.

Does it sound like this foundation would work for you?

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