Three Of The Best: Skincare Products To Stop Scarring

Top Three Products for Acne Scarring

Nowadays most of my skincare routine is designed to stop spots from appearing, but I also try to prioritise having a few steps that deal with the scarring that is often left behind. My skin is still trying to come to terms with scarring from my teenage years where spots were more common and more aggressive and even now, my skin still likes to show the scars from previous, more recent spots. I’ve got three main products on rotation that really make the difference for me, leaving my complexion looking clearer and more even.

Alpha H Liquid Gold* –

A chemical exfoliating toner is probably the most obvious step for most. I reach for this one every second night to really improve the texture and appearance of my skin. It acts as a bit of a resurfacer, exfoliating the skin while also brightening it. When I apply this to the skin I really concentrate on the areas with the most scarring and after a month or two of consistent use I’ve seen a huge improvement.

Philosophy No Reason To Hide Transforming Serum* –

This was the first product I really tried that was designed entirely for the purpose of reducing the appearance of imperfections and I must say, it’s impressed me. In fact, this is even my second bottle of the stuff, I’ve mentioned it before here. I’d been using it for a while without paying much attention and then I suddenly realised just how much clearer my skin looked, the really stubborn scars on my cheeks and chin have significantly faded since adding this one into the routine.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + –

Although I’ve devoted whole posts to why I love this product so muchI always think it’s worth another mention. Although I use this primarily to stop the appearance of new spots, it actually performs well to reduce the redness and scarring left behind once a spot has healed. It’s my sort of all-in-one skin saviour.

What are your favourite skincare products to stop scarring?

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  • Scarring is for sure my biggest skin issue right now! I’m so addicted to collecting fading/brightening products it’s becoming a problem haha. I have so many unopened ones that I need to use once I finish my current ones! 😛 I just finished liquid gold which worked amazingly for me! I’m currently using Pixi glow tonic but will for sure repurchase liquid gold in the future! And you know how I feel about effaclar duo 😉

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Liquid Gold is so good – I’m actually near the end of my bottle and I am sad! 🙁 But I think Pixi Glow Tonic is next on my list 🙂

  • Ahh, that Philosophy baby sounds divine! xx

  • I think it would work so well for your skin!