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Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation Review - The Beauty Collection

It’s been a while since I’ve dropped in with a foundation review on TBC because, really, I’ve been sticking to a little rotation of favourites for quite a few months now but I realised recently that I’d never gone into detail about the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation – a quiet achiever in my collection.

Packaging –

Simple, practical and to the point – the Bourjois foundation comes in a glass tube with a pump that actually dispenses a good amount of product in one pump.

Application –

One pump on a buffing brush provides enough coverage for half of the face – it takes a little bit to blend it in before it really starts looking like skin but the results are well worth it. Using the same amount with a BeautyBlender is slightly quicker but the coverage tends to sheer out a little more, which is commonly what happens when you use a BB.

Coverage –

When applied with a brush, the coverage is light-medium – it evens out skintone and improves the overall appearance but it doesn’t completely cover up my freckles. With a BeautyBlender, I’d called the coverage fairly light. Some redness still peeks through but it still does a fairly decent job at leaving the complexion looking a little better. Applied either way, it’s not one that I reach for on nights out but it’s a favourite for every day wear when I don’t need as much coverage.

Finish –

My love for sheeny, dewy bases continues with this one – the finish is most definitely luminous on the skin. A light dusting of powder takes it down a notch but still gives that lit-from-within glow without looking oily.

Wear –

The formula feels incredibly comfortable on my face, even after a couple of hours wear it’s almost as if I’m not wearing makeup at all because it is so lightweight. Without setting it with a powder, I do find that it continues to transfer throughout the day and, as with a lot of these dewier bases, this means that the longevity isn’t quite as solid. Setting it down with powder loses a bit of the glow but definitely makes all the difference when it comes to longevity.

Shade –

In the past I’ve found that all the shades in the Bourjois range tend to run quite yellow-toned, not ideal for someone like me with a lot of pink in their skin but I was still determined to try this baby out. I use the lightest shade in the range (I think) called 51 Light Vanilla and although when swatched on my hand it tends to look a little dark I find that on my face it’s not a bad match – maybe still a tiny bit dark but easily manageable. I tend to use a drop or two of The Body Shop’s Lightening Drops for good measure, anyway.

If you have dry skin, this’ll be a dream on your skin. It doesn’t cling too noticeably to dry patches and it really does give a beautiful luminosity to the skin.
If you have oily skin, if you wanted glow this could still be one to try but I wouldn’t recommend it without a powder to set it down and keep away excess oil. Especially around the nose and chin it tends to fade on my combination skin during the day.
If you have sensitive skin, the foundation does have quite a noticeable fragrance so it’s worth keeping that in mind before purchasing.

I’m very glad that I picked up this foundation a while ago, it continues to impress, and it’s often ones I reach for on days where my makeup is just refusing to cooperate because it doesn’t take much blending for the foundation to start looking like skin and as long as I take the time to set it down with powder, I’m left with just the right amount of glow for the rest of the day.

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