A Day & Night Moisturising Combo from Garnier

A Day & Night Moisturising Combo from Garnier - Garnier Miracle Wake Up Cream & Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream - The Beauty Collection

The cooler weather is coming, there’s no doubt about it, so for the last couple of weeks I’ve been switching up bits and pieces in my routine so my skin is a little more prepared for the winter weather. I’ve been going in hard on the hydration, unsurprisingly, and this new combo from Garnier has been getting the job done perfectly.

Garnier Miracle Wake Up Cream* –

In the summer I keep the skincare fairly simple in the mornings – normally just a lightweight moisturiser before getting into the makeup but from my very first try of the Miracle Wake Up Cream I knew I was onto something special. It’s a thicker consistency than what I’d normally reach for in the morning but it thins out a little as you rub it into the skin.

What surprised me most about this one was the feeling it left behind on the skin – it smooths out the skin, almost like a silicone primer, but without feeling heavy or constricting on the skin. It’s a well known fact that I hate the feeling of silicone-based primers on the skin but the tiniest bit of this in the morning gives the much-desired effect but without the tacky feeling. I treat this one like a moisturiser/primer hybrid, it still moisturises the skin, but has the added bonus of leaving it looking and feeling so much smoother. This one was definitely a bit of a revelation for me.

A Day & Night Moisturising Combo from Garnier - Garnier Miracle Wake Up Cream & Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream - The Beauty Collection

Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream* –

At night time I do tend to like something a little heavier as the last step to my skincare routine. The consistency of this one was also not what I was expecting, in the tub it feels a little like a bouncy jelly (similar to The Body Shop’s Bouncy Sleeping Mask) but it still sinks into the skin beautifully without feeling heavy. Considering how lightweight it feels when you blend it into the skin, it’s surprising just how moisturising it can be, especially with a bit of oil underneath.

It has a subtle scent to it but I actually find it quite therapeutic, considering putting on moisturiser is just about the last thing I do before hopping into bed. The next morning I wake up and find my skin still looking happily hydrated so this one’s definitely a winner in my books.

If you’re after a no fuss day and night duo, especially as we go into the winter months, this could be worth checking out, especially if you’re on the drier end of the skin spectrum.

What’s your favourite drugstore moisturiser?

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