This or That – Powder Brushes from Too Faced & Models Prefer

This or That - Too Faced Mr Right Perfect Powder Brush Dupe Models Prefer Dual Purpose 104 Powder & Bronzer Brush - The Beauty Collection

It’s no secret that when it comes to powder brushes I like ’em big, fluffy and tapered for a more precise application. So that could easily explain why I was so drawn to the Too Faced Mr Right Perfect Powder Brush immediately upon seeing it. It was only when I got home and had come down from my new makeup high that I realised that I owned a brush that was pretty much identical. The Models Prefer Dual Purpose 104 Powder & Bronzer Brush fits pretty much the same bill – fluffy, tapered and perfect for use with either finishing powder or a bit of bronzer. I love the MP one so much that I actually own two of them – now that’s commitment to a brush.

I’ve been a fan of the Models Prefer brush line for a while now but the 104 Powder & Bronzer brush has got to be my favourite of the bunch. I use it daily, whether it’s for setting under the eyes, powdering my entire face, throwing on a bit of bronzer or quickly going over my cheeks to diffuse a heavy-handed application of blush. It’s synthetic hairs have almost lost their shape over the course of many washes but the brush is still soft and still keeps to a tapered point.

The Too Faced new comer is another demonstration of how awesome Too Faced is with packaging – the brush is stunning, it feels like great quality and the blue on the base of the handle fits in perfectly with the brand. The brush is essentially the exact same shape as the MP option – dense but fluffy, with a tapered edge which makes it perfect for precise application. It also has synthetic hairs. The only difference I can really notice is that it’s a little stiffer, just as soft but doesn’t give quite as much as the MP brush. The bristles are just a little denser so it doesn’t diffuse the product onto the skin in quite the same way as the Models Prefer brush.

Although I love them both I’ll be the first to admit that you don’t need both. They achieve basically the exact same job and honestly, I think the Models Prefer one edges slightly in front for me. The bristles give just a tiny bit more of a diffused look which is what I love. For more than half the price, I’m sure that’s music to the ears of those in the market for a great tapered powder brush. Too Faced is right – the Mr Right brush is the perfect powder brush but it just so happens that the Models Prefer one is too.

Which one would you go for?

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  • The Sunday Mode

    That’s so good that these are so similar, props to Models Prefer- though I’ve never actually tried any brushes from them. I will say though I think the Too Faced brush is more aesthetically pleasing 😍

  • I love that Model’s Prefer brush! I use it every single day, so good! But I must admit Too Faced just nails the cuteness factor every time! Would make such a nice little present. xx

    Daniela |

    • I use mine every day too – such an awesome brush, it does so much! But you’re completely right, the TF packaging definitely wins out here…

  • Their stuff is incredible – I really must check out more from their range!