The Single Shadows That Made The Cut

The Single Eyeshadows That Made The Cut - The Beauty Collection

Every once in a while, I like to go through my makeup collection and have a clear out. Yeah, I still have a lot but since I’ve managed to slow down my spending I’ve really been appreciating what I have and working out what I don’t reach for. I noticed during one of my clean outs that I had a stack of single eyeshadows that I hardly used and decided that I could definitely thin out the collection – here the shadows that made the cut (not including the MUG, the MAC and the Anastasia Beverly Hills singles that I’ve thrown together into palettes, of course. Sure, there’s still quite a few but hey, what’s a makeup addict to do?

The Single Eyeshadows That Made The Cut - The Beauty Collection

L’Oreal Colour Riche Mono Eyeshadow in 201 Cafe Saint Germain – 

A super creamy, taupe shade that looks stunning all over the lid. Get ready to see a theme there. I’m a huge fan of this L’Oreal formula and I definitely think this shade could work for anyone.

L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush – 

A slightly warmer rose gold pressed pigment – the formula reminds me a lot of the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill and for a fraction of the price, I’m very impressed. Another gorgeous one for all over the lid.

Bloom Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Whisper* – 

I was pleasantly surprised by this shade – sort of like a subtle Stila Kitten. It’s a favourite for inner corner or brow bone highlighting. The formula is simple but super easy to work with.

Rimmel Mono Eyeshadow in Backstage – 

One of my favourite single eyeshadows of all time. I always reach for this one on days where I only have a few minutes to do my makeup. It’s simple but the shade is so effortlessly stunning all over the lid.

Prestige  Total Intensity Eyeshadow in Hocus Pocus – 

The odd one of the bunch, it’s one of those stunning brown/green duochromes (like MUG Insomnia) and although I don’t reach for it a lot, I just can’t seem to part with it. The formula is incredibly pigmented and buttery so that’s definitely a win.

Essence Mono Eyeshadow in Hazel Me Not* – 

When I dedicate a whole post on TBC to a single eyeshadow, you can tell I’m a little bit in love. This remains one of my favourite cool-toned transition shades, it’s subtle but it adds just the right amount of definition to the crease. Considering how cheap this shadow is, I could recommend it to anyone.

The Single Eyeshadows That Made The Cut - The Beauty CollectionL to R: L’Oreal Cafe Saint Germain, L’Oreal Amber Rush, Rimmel Backstage, Essence Hazel Me Not, Bloom Whisper, Prestige Hocus Pocus

The Single Eyeshadows That Made The Cut - The Beauty Collection

Sigma Eyeshadow in Notre Dame* – 

I haven’t tried much from Sigma’s makeup line but this shadow is such an interesting, unique shade. It’s a stunning purple-y taupe with a fine gold shimmer running through it, I haven’t seen anything quite like it.

Wycon Cosmetics Eyeshadow in 100 – 

I picked this up entirely on a whim while I was in Europe, having never heard of the brand but damn, is it pretty. The baked formula has incredibly intense pigment and even though it looks quite metallic on the lid, the texture remains super blendable with none of the chunky glitter.

Kiko Water Eyeshadows in 200 & 208 –

Stunning to look at and stunning to wear. I’ve had 200 for a while now and it’s one of my favourite light golds but 208 was a more recent purchase. Although I sort of hate putting my shadow brush in the stunning design, the formula makes it worth it. Beauty lover problems.

H&M Eyeshadow in Baci di Dama – 

Another recent purchase from my Europe travels. And, because I clearly have a type, it’s another light gold that looks stunning all over the lid. I’m planning on going into more detail on the H&M shadows I picked up but so far, so good.

The Single Eyeshadows That Made The Cut - The Beauty CollectionL to R: Kiko 200, Kiko 208, Wycon 100, H&M Baci Di Dama, Sigma Notre Dame

The Single Eyeshadows That Made The Cut - The Beauty Collection

NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadows in Dione & Himalia – 

Dione is looking a little worse for wear after being the victim of a bit of a flooding incident but you can see I’m trying to keep Himalia’s pattern as pristine as possible. Himalia is the shade that I reach for when I’m in a rush but have to look put together and Dione is another taupe-y beauty from the collection. I really love the formula of these shadows, wet or dry.

Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten – 

I find that even though the pan is a little annoying to work with (I can’t even count how many times I’ve had to repress the powder) the shadow itself is stunning – it can be an intense inner corner highlight or blended out all over the lids for a subtler effect, either way it’s a stunner. I totally understand the hype behind the shade.

Burberry Eyeshadow in Pale Barley – 

The splurgiest of splurges but I have no regrets. It’s another one where I’m really trying to keep the pan as pristine as possible but when you find a shade that’s so effortlessly perfect when blended all over the lid, it’s hard to resist. Yes, it’s pricey but the formula is just so good.

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadow in 5 Gold Blitz – 

I was silly and forgot to include this in the photos but that doesn’t mean I’m not 110% in love with it. It’s an incredibly intense pressed pigment, a warm, rusty gold but my favourite thing about it is that it can be really built up or really sheered out. Either way, it’s one that I like to pull out for special occasions.

The Single Eyeshadows That Made The Cut - The Beauty CollectionL to R: Stila Kitten, NARS Himalia, NARS Dione, Burberry Pale Barley, Giorgio Armani 5 Gold Blitz

I’ll admit, I still have some thinning out to do but for now, I’m very happy with my little collection of single shadows. My latest routine has been throwing some matte shadows from a palette in the crease before going in with one of these beauties all over the lid – simple.

What are your favourite single eyeshadows?

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  • Kez

    I love the shades you go for, these all look fantastic!

    Kez |

  • Daaaayum that is a lot of single eyeshadows! I barely have any because I just neglect them in my drawers haha x

    Katina |

  • I have a few single shadows but I must say they don’t get too much love from me! It’s just instinct to reach for a palette! I do love the Kiko shadows though and Baci de Dama has been getting so much use from me! The perfect lid colour! I swear one day I will get Pale Barley…it was all out of stock in the US! I’ll have to order it online 😛

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • I agree – especially with the way I used to have my makeup set up, the palettes were right in front of me and the singles were hidden away in a drawer! Definitely get your hands on Pale Barley though, you will love it! Let me know if you want me to grab it for you at the Melbourne store and send it up to you!

      • Aw thank you for the offer! <3 I'm sure buying it online will be easier though haha 🙂

  • I did a big clean out during Christmas and I’ve thrown out a lot of my single shadows. I think I’m left with a couple haha. You have some pretty shadows – I really like the last Giorgio Armani one and Hocus Pocus!

    xo Kat @ Katness

  • I can’t take my eyes of the swatches! I keep scrolling back to all three of them because they’re absolutely stunning. I want them allllll! LOL.

    I keep seeing Kiko eyeshadows on people’s blogs! We don’t have a store in Australia, so I might hunt down an online stockist and get my hands on both 200 and 208 because they’re the standouts for me. So beautifullll!

    • hahahah I’m glad you liked the swatches! I’m wishing and hoping for Kiko to finally appear in Australia soon, they’d go so well here I think!

  • I love the look of the Armani Eyes to Kill #5 – I reckon I’d really adore the colour. But the price tag makes me sadface. I wish H&M makeup would make its way to our shores already … heard so many good things. You reminded me I actually have Burberry Pale Barley. I seriously don’t use it as much as I should … but I think it flatters paler skin tones more than mine. Still, the quality is top notch as you’d expect given the price!

    • I think you’d love the Armani one – but yes, that price tag is a little hard to stomach! 🙁 I’m hoping H&M lands here soon so I can pick up a few more bits to try out! And you’re right – Pale Barley’s quality is probably the most incredible thing about it!

  • The Burberry shadows are seriously as good as everyone says, go and splurge girl! hahah

  • That is an awesome birthday gift to yourself! Burberry seriously knows how to make a luxe eyeshadow hahah, I do love the velvet pouch!

  • I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think I have no singles besides a couple of cream shadows… shocker! I recently got a couple of bits from Burberry and I was so tempted to get an eyeshadow – Pale Barley is a cult fave and you can see why. Almond had also caught my eye. And can we just take a moment for those Kiko shadows? Stunning!

    Daniela |

    • That is impressive! But probably a good move, palettes are so much easier to work with! I would happily stare at the Kiko shadows aaaall day!

  • Shilpa Shetty

    I have the same Stila Kitten eye-shadow,.. I reach out it whenever I need to highlight my inner corner of teh eyes.. Its one of my favorite eye shadow