Quick Swatch // Makeup Geek x Manny MUA Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Geek x Manny MUA Eyeshadow Palette - Quick Swatch and First Impressions

There was no way that I was going to miss a release like this from Makeup Geek and although it’s taken what felt like a trillion years to get to me, I finally have the Makeup Geek x Manny MUA Eye Palette in my hot little hands. Nine shades of warm-toned goodness and even though most of the shades are a little out of my everyday comfort zone, I can’t deny that it’s stunning. 

I’ve only had the chance to play around with it once or twice but I couldn’t wait to take some pretty photos of it while it was still pristine and get some swatches up to let you know whether you need to be signing up for the latest round of releases. There’s no surprise that the incredible MUG formula extends to this palette so obviously there are no complaints there.

Makeup Geek x Manny MUA Eyeshadow Palette - Quick Swatch and First Impressions

Artemis – a yellow-toned champagne shade that, on my skin tone, is subtle but gorgeous. A little in the inner corner and on the brow bone and everything looks brighter and more awake.
Beaches & Cream – I already own the single of Beaches & Cream and have already called it my favourite shade to start off any eye look. It’s just the right amount of peach for my skin tone, finding Peach Smoothie is a little too much on my pale skin.
Luna – The shade that got me reaaaally excited in this palette was this beautiful foiled finish shadow, a medium rose gold. It’s just as stunning as I’d hoped and can definitely see this one becoming a favourite all over the lid colour for me. As I suspected, it is very similar to MUG Grandstand, though.
Cosmopolitan – Another that I already own but one that I admittedly don’t reach for much but I’ll definitely have to grab it more – it’s definitely very similar to Luna but just warmer and without that foiled finish.
Sora – One of the two transition colours in the palette, it’s a lovely earthy brown which is warm but not so warm that I start to look strange.
Frappe – The other transition shade, a little darker, but actually very similar. The inclusion of not one but two transition shades in the palette really is a lovely touch.
Insomnia – It’s almost as if Insomnia needs no introduction – the warm red brown with green-blue reflects is to die for, especially in the foiled formula. It’s not exactly a shade I’d reach for every day but I’m itching for a chance to throw it all over my eyes.
Mars – I was initially a little worried about how I’d make Mars work for me and although I don’t think it’ll be one I reach for on a daily basis, I find that if I keep it low on the lid with a warm transition colour in the crease it’s much easier to wear than I’d anticipated.  Nevertheless, the colour is stunning. The formula of this shade surprised me, it’s really chalky and just not as buttery as the others in the palette and although the colour payoff is still there, I’m just not as impressed with it.
Aphrodite – A deep brown that honestly, I want to throw all over my lid – it’s a really beautiful buttery matte and although the colour looks simple, I can see it becoming a favourite.

Makeup Geek x Manny MUA Eyeshadow Palette - Quick Swatch and First Impressions

My first impressions are good – very, very good. I can already tell that I’ll be able to create so many different looks with this palette and it can’t be denied that MUG and Manny did an incredible job putting together nine shades that really complement one another. The top row is definitely my favourite and will end up being the shades I use the most but I definitely think that this is a great introductory palette for warm-toned eyeshadow beginners like myself.

Will you be picking this palette up?

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  • So stunning! I think I’m going to pass on it for now. And a bit pricey for us Aussies. I hope you show us some photos of some looks in future 🙂

    • It is certainly very pricey, it was a bit of a panic buy and then I realised how much it was in AUD and I cringed! hahah

  • The shades in this palette are absolutely goooorgeous! I can’t justify picking it up though (not that I’ll be able to cos it sold out in like 0.2 seconds right lol), just because I feel like I already have a lot of the shades like Cosmopolitan, Peach Smoothie, Grandstand and Creme Brulee which are pretty similar. Mars and Insomnia are incredible though!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Yeah, I agree – if you have a lot of similar shades from the range then it’s definitely not a necessity! The newer shades are SO stunning though, it was hard to resist!

  • This palette is seriously SO STUNNING. Even though I am the last person to need any more eyeshadow palettes, when it was released, I knew I needed to have it since I always love Manny’s warm-toned looks and the eyeshadow would be amazing for travel because you can create so many different looks with it! I can’t wait to get mine! I don’t seem to have any tracking info so I am just praying it comes soon! Great post & swatches!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    • Oh I definitely didn’t need any more eyeshadow palettes hahah. I was just thinking today about how amazing this palette would be for warm shadow lovers when they’re travelling!

  • The shades in this palette look amazing and pigmented. It’s definitely a palette that could take you from day to night. Insomnia reminds me of MAC’s Club eyeshadow actually x

    Jess | It’s That Time For

    • Insomnia is veeery similar to MAC Club and although I don’t have much experience with the MAC one, this one has INCREDIBLE pigmentation!

  • It still performs beautifully, I’ve just never experience a shadow that feels like that when I swatch it with my finger! Can’t wait to find an excuse to wear Insomnia!

  • A couple of days of wearing this palette and I am falling in love with warm tones even though I’m normally all about the more neutral shades! hahah

  • Shilpa Shetty

    Waaw, all the shade swatches looks absolutely stunning,…

  • Oh my gosh it’s so pretty haha! But I feel like there’s quite a few orangey ones that I probably wouldn’t use. I’m not really sure how to use them tbh LOL x

    Katina | http://www.katinalindaa.com

    • Yeah I completely agree – I’m still getting used to using orange-y warm shades but I’m definitely coming around to them!

  • Chantalle

    I’ve been in love with this palette since I first saw it on Manny’s snapchat and this post just reaffirms that I need this in my life. I don’t typically use these shades on a daily basis but Manny just makes it look so darn good and so darn wearable! x

    Chantalle | http://www.ceceandgrace.blogspot.com.au

  • Do you find the shadows in the palette are the same size as the single pans? I’m going to crack and invest soon I just know it haha!

    Maddie | http://www.maddiesbeautyspot.com