The New Additions To The Brow Routine

The New Additions To The Brow Routine - Poni Cosmetics Becca Maybelline Soap & Glory

For quite a while my brow collection has been fairly streamlined – two or three favourites on rotation but little by little, a few more have been finding their place in the routine. I’ve been sticking mostly to the ABH Brow Wiz style pencils, my preferred brow application, but there have been a few on trial a little more out of my comfort zone.

The New Additions To The Brow Routine - Poni Cosmetics Becca Maybelline Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil –

The lovely Liv picked this up for me when she was in the UK earlier this year and since then I’ve been using this brush and spoolie combo (obviously reminiscent of ABH’s Brow Wiz) quite a bit. The Blondeshell shade matches my brows quite well and it’s got great pigmentation, meaning it’s a quick and easy one for mornings where I’m running late. In my opinion, it’s definitely a great dupe for the Brow Wiz with this shade being pretty much exactly the same as Taupe from the ABH line.

Poni Cosmetics Brow Magic Pencil* –

It’s a similar deal to the ABH Brow Wiz – a spoolie on one end and a retractable, precise nib on the other end. I find the colour a little too warm for my brows (they call it one shade fits all) and it tends to wear off during the day if I don’t set it down with a clear brow gel but the pencil is soft and super easy to work with and gives great definition to the brows.

Poni Cosmetics Brow Pow! 3-In-1 Highlighting Pencil* –

I haven’t tried many brow highlighters before, normally sticking to a shimmery champagne shadow if I’m going to the extra effort of throwing something onto the brow bone but I was interested in trying this dual-ended pencil with two shades – Practically Popcorn which is light and slightly yellow and No Pics Please, a deeper orange shade. On my skin tone there’s no way that No Pics Please is going to do much in the way of highlighting on my skin tone but the lighter shade looks nice and subtle. Mixing the two shades together creates a mid-toned shade that also works quite well.

The New Additions To The Brow Routine - Poni Cosmetics Becca Maybelline Soap & Glory

Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette* –

I’ve already compared this to a favourite amongst the ranks already and my opinion stays pretty much the same even after trialling it for a little longer – the wax isn’t quite soft enough so it takes a bit of digging and going over before things start looking natural. The brow powder I’m a fan of but the highlight shade on the right just didn’t meet my expectations – giving pretty much no colour payoff to the browbone. If you’re after an easy to use kit from the drugstore, I personally think the L’Oreal Brow Genius Kit is a much safer bet.

Becca Shadow and Light Brow Contour Mousse* in Cocoa –

I’ve yet to really get into the mousse, dip brow side of brow products but my introduction with this product has been great – it’s subtle and super easy to work with and looks effortlessly natural when you work in small brush strokes. I also find the colour a really good match for my brows. I do make sure to set it down with clear brow gel though or the colour tends to fade quickly. The highlighting shade is also a great little addition – it’s not anything too intense but it goes well with the natural makeup look.

What’s your preferred brow product of the minute?

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