The Lightweight, Summer-Appropriate Bases

Four Lightweight, Summer Appropriate Bases - Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, NARS Tinted Moisturiser, Smashbox BB Water

In Summer, a full face of makeup is just a little bit more of a struggle – no matter how many spritzes of setting spray you might use, by the time you step out the door it’s already melting off your face. I also find that my skin gets a little oilier as the weather heats up. Over the last few months I’ve been trying quite a few different bases to see what can hold up in the heat but I’ve found that a lot of them just don’t perform well, starting to look a little bit messy after a few hours, but a few have managed to stand the test of time (and make it through a day of hot weather).

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue – 

My love for this base product is no secret and unlike a few more of my seasonal foundation picks I find that this one really works no matter what the weather condition. Although it feels really lightweight on the skin, I find that a quick dusting of loose setting powder over the top makes sure that nothing transfers, nothing separates and everything continues to look great all even through a heatwave.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation – 

The only real ‘foundation’ from the line up comes from Rimmel and is normally the one I go for when I need to amp up the coverage a little more. The formula is thin and really easily blendable but you don’t need a lot to even out your complexion, which is great in Summer when you’re avoiding suffocating your skin by applying layer after layer trying to build up coverage.

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser – 

Similar to the BM Complexion Rescue but with a slightly lighter consistency, I really love this base for when I want glowy, summer skin but I don’t want things to turn into a slippery mess a few hours into wear. It does tend to transfer if I don’t apply powder, particularly in the t-zone, but even with that, it’s got that lit-from-within glow thing going while managing to avoid the whole ‘this isn’t glow, it’s sweat’ thing. It happens to the best of us.

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water –

For very lightweight, minimal makeup days, I reach for this – the most lightweight of the bunch, it blends out until it feel like you’re wearing nothing on the skin – ideal for those super hot days where you want the coverage but don’t want that uncomfortable feeling. This is another one that I’d recommend setting down with powder in the t-zone if you tend to get a little oily after a few hours.

What are your favourite summer-approved bases?

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