Italy Photo Diary

Italy Photo Diary - Rome

Following on from last week’s Parisian happy snaps, I thought I better make another post for all the Italian bits and pieces from my trip last month. I had an incredible time in Italy, too. I spent a couple of days in Florence, also going and spending a day on a tour exploring Tuscany, before heading down to Rome where I stayed for two nights before flying home. Although I speak much less Italian than I do French I felt so completely at home in Italy – maybe it’s the pizza, pasta and gelato on every corner, that speaks to me on a deep, personal level.

I could vividly remember Florence from when I was there 9 years ago, and I was just in love this time as I was then – I actually stayed in the same hotel as I did last time, just for a bit of nostalgia. My tour out to San Gimignano & Siena was such a treat – I’d dreamt of visiting Siena for so long and it was just as beautiful as I’d imagined. Rome was beautiful but it was much more crowded with tourists than any of the other places I’d visited, I still had a great time wandering around and admiring the gorgeous architecture.