Questions I Ask Before Making A Beauty Purchase

Questions To Ask Before Making A Beauty Purchase - The Beauty Collection

I don’t think it’ll surprise regular readers to find out that I am a bit of an impulse shopper. I can come up with some pretty impressive excuses to justify a purchase but lately I’ve managed to curb my spending a little it by asking myself a few questions before handing over my debit card. Here are some questions I’ve been asking myself lately before purchasing the latest or greatest makeup product.

Is this within my budget?

Can I actually afford to drop this much on makeup right now? Will I be eating 2 minute noodles until next pay day if I hand over my bank card? Some products are better written down on a wishlist and hinted at when the birthday comes around, I find.

Will the colour actually match me/suit me? Will it work with my skin type?

I always make sure that the product will match me or will get along with my skin type, sometimes I’ve just got to accept that no matter how pretty or useful something looks it just might not be designed for me.

Do I need more of this product or can I wait until I’ve finished off the ones I already own?

I’m always keen to try out new things, it’s a particular issue for me with cleansers, foundations or mascaras. As awesome as the new product sounds, all I have to do is think of all of the unloved products I have sitting at home to remind myself that maybe I don’t need another one to add to the pile.

Is there a cheaper alternative? Do I already have a colour that’s exactly the same?

The beauty community is seriously talented at finding dupes for products. Before purchasing an expensive foundation it’s worth having a read around to see whether there are people that have found a similar formula. This happens more and more with makeup companies owning lots of different brands and just repackaging a very similar formula. I can’t even believe how often I’ve bought a lip colour just to come home and find two identical ones already in my collection.

Have I read reviews online?

I always pull out my phone and have a Google in store if I’m still a bit on the fence about a beauty purchase, There’s a huge amount of reviews out there on the Internet so it can’t hurt to have a read about other people’s experiences before dropping your hard earned pennies.

I’m definitely not one to say don’t treat yourself every now and then. If you’ve had a bad day, even had a good day or have a bit of extra money in your pay check one week then why not buy yourself a pretty new lipstick to celebrate? But sometimes it’s important to take a few minutes and think before clicking the check out button.

giphy(sorry, I had to…)

What are some questions you ask yourself before making a beauty purchase?

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  • Yep, yep and yep! I definitely ask all of these questions before buying (most) things haha! Excellente gif usage. 😉

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  • I’ve been trying to curb my beauty buying habits over the past year! With the support of my husband, and an accountability person, I’m doing well! I have to ask my accountability person before I can buy any makeup for myself. It seems extreme, but it works! And I was seriously addicted to buying makeup!

    • That’s great though! I find that the less beauty I buy, the more appreciation I have for the stuff I already own! 🙂

  • Asha

    Lawd, girl I hear you about finding several of the same shade of lipstick in your collection. My girlfriends actually rugby tackle me whenever I so much as look at the lipstick aisle now! 😂

  • I’m like this currently. “I already have 3 highlighters.. I know I won’t finish them anytime soon. I’ll just imagine I can buy the Becca… ABH… the Balm… ones” haha.

    I have to save to get my cat’s teeth removed so.. I can’t go too crazy with new purchases!

    xo Kat @ Katness

    • Very good logic! So sorry to hear about your kitty, hope all is well! 🙁

      • In saying that, I’m heading to Sephora on Thursday to check out what they have hehehe.

        Kitty will be fine, just a couple of teeth rubbing into the gum so it’s easier to get them removed now than later. Poor thing, he hates the vets as it is.

        • hahah ooh dangerous! A few treats here and there never hurt anyone 😉

          Good to hear, I’m wishing him well! I don’t think I’ve ever met a cat that likes the vet…

  • My friend and I always talk about products we want to buy but don’t have the money/need/justification for as though we already own it but the store is just ‘holding it’ for us. It helps to remember that you can always come back another day when you’re under less pressure to purchase. This doesn’t always help with limited edition products, though haha

    xx Julia

    • hahah it’s always good to have a support network there! But you’re right – unless it’s LE, there’s no reason you have to buy it right this second!

  • Sage advice! Definitely an essential list of questions to ask before succumbing to impulsive spending! We’re all very aware that sometimes rational thought flies out the window the face of the newest temptation :p

    • hahaha it happens to me far too often, I see a pretty thing and I’m at the register before even thinking about it

  • A+ gif use! These are really great pointers. I used to make so many silly, useless purchases until I adopted rules like this for myself.