My NARS Lip Pencil Collection

It’s no secret that I love NARS lip pencils – as you can probably tell from the pictures, I seem to be collecting them like crazy but it wasn’t until recently that I realised they hadn’t been getting a lot of time devoted to them here on TBC. Let’s change that, shall we? I have a few Satin Lip Pencils and a few Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. I find the difference to be that the Satin ones have just a little more sheen and creaminess to them – some more than others but the longevity remains mostly the same between them and the Velvet Mattes though. The Velvet Matte formula is really comfortable, it doesn’t feel drying on the lips and doesn’t drag when being applied.

NARS Lip Pencil Collection - NARS Satin Lip Pencil & NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Torres Del Paine, Descanso, Sex Machine, Rikugien, 413BLKR, Yu, Luxembourg, Iberico, Dragon Girl, Provacative Red, Cruella - Review & Swatches

Torres Del Paine (Satin – LE) – I’d describe this shade as a peachy pastel orange, I like to wear it quite sheer or it tends to look a little too stark on me.

Descanso (Satin – LE) – Another peachy nude but much more wearable than Torres Del Paine. It’s still a little too orange-y for my liking but it looks better when I’m a little more tan.

Sex Machine (Velvet Matte) – This one is essentially my lips but a little more light and luminous (doesn’t have quite the same ring to it…). It has a bit of pearlescence to the finish but nothing over the top. It looks almost like a light mauve-y shade on me which we all know that I love.

Rikugien (Satin) – I really love this shade, it’s definitely one of my most worn, seeing as it’s basically the perfect kind of browny rosy nude. It’s super flattering and not too far off from my natural lip colour but just a little deeper and more sheeny.

413 BLKR (Velvet Matte – Exclusive to particular stores) – I definitely made sure to make the trip down to 413 BLKR when I was in New York to visit the place that it all started. 413 BLKR is a bright fuchsia pink with almost a kind of blue reflect to it in some lights. I don’t find it quite as flattering as Yu, which is coming up next, but some days it just works. The consistency is a little drier and harder to work with than with some others, too.

NARS Lip Pencil Collection - NARS Satin Lip Pencil & NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Torres Del Paine, Descanso, Sex Machine, Rikugien, 413BLKR, Yu, Luxembourg, Iberico, Dragon Girl, Provacative Red, Cruella - Review & Swatches

Yu (Satin) – 413 BLKR and Yu do look quite similar in the swatches but Yu is much more intense, bright and satin-y. It’s a bright blue-based bubblegum pink which would normally be a bit too much for me but when blotted down into a stain, I fall in love.

Luxembourg (Satin) – By far, my favourite lip pencil of all. In fact, when I met Francois Nars late last year and he asked what my favourite product was, I answered with this, I was also wearing it on my lips – dedication. Luxembourg is such a bright watermelon pink – it brightens up my complexion so much and is so pigmented in just one swipe. It’s also one of the more glossy shades in the Satin line, I like to wear it both intense and glossy or blotted down for more of a stained effect.

Iberico (Velvet Matte – LE) – This shade is about as orange as it comes, it’s bright and warm and beautiful. It does not mess around. It was exclusive to the Digital World Lip Coffret that I picked up at the end of 2014 and although I’m hardly ever brave enough to wear this by itself out of the house, I do like to layer it.

Dragon Girl (Velvet Matte) – This was my very first NARS lip pencil and still one that I love very much – it’s such a flattering, raspberry red that feels really comfortable on the lips and wears really well. It’s also my favourite formula of the Velvet Matte variety, it’s stiff enough that it’s precise to apply but still creamy enough to be comfortable on the lips.

Provocative Red (Velvet Matte – LE) – This red is more bricky, it’s deeper with a little more brown to it. I do actually like how it looks on the lips but I don’t reach for it as much as Dragon Girl. I find that it’s quite a muted red, not quite like the name would suggest.

Cruella (Velvet Matte) – A deep, rich red – it’s another Velvet Matte pencil that I really adore. Again, it’s much more of a brick-y red when compared to Dragon Girl so it’s a little more vampy but when winter comes around I do like reaching for it every once in a while.

NARS Lip Pencil Collection - NARS Satin Lip Pencil & NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Torres Del Paine, Descanso, Sex Machine, Rikugien, 413BLKR, Yu, Luxembourg, Iberico, Dragon Girl, Provacative Red, Cruella - Review & SwatchesL to R: Torres Del Paine, Descanso, Sex Machine, Rikugien, 413 BLKR,
Yu, Luxembourg, Iberico, Dragon Girl, Provocative Red, Cruella.

I have just about any colour you could want/need covered, I’d say, yet I still find myself swatching the other shades every time I’m in store. Can’t have enough of a good thing, right?

Which shade appeals to you the most?

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  • Rikugein is so pretty! Definitely something I’d reach for too, I actually own 0 lip products from Nars which is such a shame (looking at these pics), I think I’m gonna clear out my lip collection to make some space $$

    Katina |

  • chntl

    I have actually yet to try the NARS lip pencils but I have been really meaning to try out a few especially after reading about them on Vivianna Does Makeup for quite some time! I love the look of the shades from Iberico onwards, those reds are GORGEOUS. Thanks for swatching them – I now know which ones to keep an eye out for!! xx

    Chantalle | cece & grace

    • Yes! Anna is definitely the reason I’ve become so obsessed with them! The reds in the range certainly are gorgeous!

  • Dolce Vita is beautiful, too!

  • Yu is definitely one of my favourites!

  • Yes! Damned is definitely one that I just keep swatching whenever I’m in stores

  • It’s beautiful!

  • hahah glad I’ve reminded you! They’re seriously incredible!

  • hahah yes it always takes me a second to type out Rikugien…

  • Definitely eye candy! haha

  • Definitely head in and have a swatch, they’re worth a look!

  • Thank you! Damned is definitely one that I want to get hold of!

  • I don’t think I have ever picked up Luxembourg and swatched it but it looks absolutely gorgeous! I’ll have to look at it next time I’m in Mecca. Also, you might like Red Square Ash, it’s an orange-toned red, more red than Iberico though which I think makes it a more wearable colour and a great ‘red’ option for the warmer weather, I wore it Christmas Eve x

  • Ooh Lodhi has been on my list for a while now!

    • It’s pretty! Might be similar to Torres del Paine maybe a little pinker/brighter?
      Have you tried the NARS Audacious lipsticks yet? I’m wondering if the lasting power is similar to these pencils. So tempted to try those out too!

      • Ah, sounds lovely! I have one Audacious lipstick but I hardly wear it because the colour isn’t very me :/ I do like the formula though!

  • Collection goals! I’m so jealous, I love my matte lip pencil in Bettina, such a perfect soft nude thats easy to wear. I really really want Cruella next 🙂

    Courtney | Blush and Blend

  • Shilpa Shetty

    413 BLKR, is my favorite,.. Lovely shades,..

  • Luxembourg is definitely my favourite shade!