Do You NEED A BeautyBlender?

Do You NEED A BeautyBlender - BeautyBlender Pros & Cons - The Beauty Collection

When it comes to beauty tools, not many brands get as much hype as BeautyBlender. They market themselves well and I’m sure if you’ve spoken to anyone who’s tried the product, you’ll know that the product that they’re putting out is pretty awesome too but do you need one? They’re fairly pricey and for us Australians, it can be a bit hard to get a hold of them so is it worth all of the effort? Here are some pros and cons – it’s up to you to decide if you need it…


It’s a dream for heavier/thicker bases –

Whenever I’m working with something that’s a little heavy on the coverage or a little thick in consistency, I like to pull out my BeautyBlender. It sheers out the coverage a little, which is what I like, but also makes sure the foundation doesn’t look too heavy. If you love a good full coverage but find it looking too heavy on your skin, this could be a good way to find a happy medium.

It de-cakes my base like no other –

Even if I’ve applied my base and I’ve used a brush, sometimes I still like to dampen my BeautyBlender and give my skin a quick going over. It removes the excess product that sits on top of the skin and makes sure everything’s looking nice and polished.

It’s a do-it-all kind of product –

In the one sitting it can apply my base, concealer and even my powder. It can go on and do cream blush or cream bronzer but I rarely bother. When you buy a BeautyBlender it doesn’t just have one use – it’s a really multi-purpose product so to look at it one way, you’re really getting bang for your buck.


It’s not ideal for lightweight bases –

If you’re someone who normally throws on a tinted moisturiser with your fingers before running out of the door, a BeautyBlender just might not be necessary for you – I find that with lightweight bases, the BeautyBlender eats up the product and sheers out the coverage even more.

It’s got a bit of upkeep –

Dampening and squeezing out the BB every time you want to use it can be a little time consuming, depending on how close you are to a sink. I never really reach for it on days where I’m in a hurry. And even if you clean it every day, you’ll still be feeling a bit of paranoia, concerned about what’s happening under the surface.

There are a lot of cheaper alternatives out there –

This could work either way, I guess – lots of brands have caught onto the trend and have released their own answer to the BeautyBlender. Real Techniques & Chi Chi are the main contenders but there are countless others also trying their hand at creating the perfect sponge. The Real Techniques one is the only other that I’ve tried and although it has it’s own awesome set of skills, I find it sucks up a lot of product and is little too stiff to work with in the same way.

Personally, I’m glad I took the plunge and picked up the BeautyBlender – even though I go through phases of using it constantly and not using it at all, it’s a lifesaver when it comes to making some of the thicker foundations I own work and there’s something oddly therapeutic about bopping it all over your face. Obviously it’s a personal decision whether you really do need the BeautyBlender (let’s ignore the question of whether beauty lovers need any of it) but if you’re not sure whether you want to take the plunge I’d definitely recommend picking up a cheaper alternative first to see how it works for you.

Do you own a BeautyBlender? What are your thoughts?

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  • The Sunday Mode

    I think as you said it depends what kind of a base you’re after, but personally I use my beauty blender every day and think it was completely worth the purchase!

  • Loved this post! I don’t have a beauty blender however, I’ve always wanted one. I do stick to light to medium coverage foundations so maybe it’s not necessary (based on your pros/cons list) but it would be handy for when I use a heavier base at night time. I’ll probably end up buying one when I’m in a speedy mood haha x

    Jess | It’s That Time ForMy Top 5 Daily Organisation Tips

    • Glad it was a little helpful! You’re exactly right – maybe not a necessity but lovely to have on hand!

  • I honestly don’t know what I did before my beauty blender. I haven’t tried RT of Chi Chi yet but definitely keen to see if they compare just because they are more often than not easier to get. I’ve never used it on a lighter based product so thanks for the tip! 😉
    Tahana <3

  • Ivy

    I dont own the actual beauty blender but I do use the Stila Double Ended Blending Sponge ( and I love it! I think at $18 its still cheaper than an actual beauty blender for us Australians… I just purchased the ChiChi 4 pack blending sponges yesterday though for only $15 for all 4… yet to be tested!!

    • Oh that Stila sponge looks awesome! Definitely a little easier on the bank account! I’ve definitely been intrigued by those Chi Chi ones – let me know how they go!

      • Ivy

        Okay i just used my Chi Chi (4 pack for $15 from Myer!!) and i can safely say THEY ARE AMAZING!!!! I’ve tried tonnes of the cheap ones from eBay and they are horrific! These ChiChi ones are so darn cheap and my goodness they are as soft as my Stila one. Win win win! Absolutely check them out 🙂

  • Belle BluSHH (Nisa)

    I’ve tried many cheaper sponges, the RT one and the Sephora one and no matter what I always find myself reaching for the original Beauty Blender. I’ve even bought an extra 2 to keep just in case. In my opinion it’s definitely worth the investment but agree it is better for medium/thicker foundations. I know I NEED it in my life!!!

  • EVERYONE NEEDS A BEAUTY BLENDER. That’s my honest opinion hahah. I’ve never had a foundation that hasn’t worked well with it! I can’t imagine using a cheap dupe or anything. It’s not even that expensive!? I mean when you think about it how much money do you spend on makeup products that you use once or are terrible on your skin? A beauty blender is sent from the gods so it is a must have hahaha x

    Katina |

    • hahhaha rave review right here! I definitely love mine, can totally understand where you’re coming from

  • Désirée

    Lovely post. Personally I couldn’t live without my BB, i am so happy that I decided to buy one a few months ago. I have strange skin (i have lupus and my skin is a bit dry and uneven) and my base just didn’t go on right with a brush (and i tried a few) and neither with my fingers. Now all that lies in the past and I couldn’t recommend a BB more, especially to anyone who has tricky skin to work with.

  • I am the same – I go through stages of using it like crazy and then I get tired of having to go to the bathroom to wet it and then go back to clean it so I stop using it for a while. Saying that, I really love it when I do use it. It is worth the price as long as you take care of it. It totally helps out the look of those thicker foundations.

    xo Kat @ Katness

  • Hope it was helpful!

  • Yeah you’re exactly right – the upkeep is the main reason I don’t reach for it every day hahah

  • Yeah, I’ve yet to try the Chi Chi ones but I haven’t seen anyone who’s been completely blown away by them…