5 Things I Didn’t Know About The Clarisonic

5 Things I Didn't Know About The Clarisonic Mia 2 - The Beauty CollectionI can’t say I ever paid much attention to the Clarisonic. Of course, it’s hard to avoid all of the rave reviewers out there but I just never thought it was going to be for me. I was very lucky to receive a Clarisonic Mia2* a month or two ago and since then, I’ve become a bit of a convert. The more I researched the product, the more I realised how mislead I was about the device and how it can be used. I thought I’d write a few of my thoughts down, going through some of my previous misconceptions just in case I wasn’t the only one who had the wrong idea.

It can be used with any cleanser –

I was always under the impression that the Clarisonic only worked with certain cleaners, as if it didn’t work well with oils or balms but that’s not the case – I’ve quite enjoyed going in with a cleanser, making sure the skin and brush is damp and then starting to cleanse. Although I do find that if I’m using a cleanser that has a bit of acidity to it, designed to exfoliate your skin, then it can be a little bit too harsh for my liking. I’ve personally been mostly using the Clarisonic as a second cleanse for my skin, removing my makeup first and then going in with it to make sure everything is truly clean. I’m amazed with how much makeup is actually left on my skin after my first cleanse.

The device is completely waterproof –

It even has wireless, magnetic charging which I got maybe a little too excited about. I’ve really enjoyed using it in the shower in the morning, my skin feels much better than it did when I was just going in with a half-heartedly going in with cleanser every morning. The whole product feels so sturdy and well put together to make sure that no water will get into the device.

There’s a brush to suit everyone –

I’ve personally been using the Sensitive head, which comes with most of the Clarisonic brushes and have found it a perfect match to my skin – there’s also a Delicate brush head in case the Sensitive one is still a little much for your skin or Normal if you want something a little more intense. There’s also a whole Luxe range designed to really pamper which has definitely intrigued me – I’ve been eyeing them off in stores quite a bit lately.

It’s not as hard to keep clean as I thought –

The brush heads only have to be replaced every three months which I think is fairly reasonable and they’re super easy to clean. Celia has a whole post devoted to how to really thoroughly clean it but I tend to just go in with a bit of soap every once in a while to clear it up and keep it looking fresh.

It will make such a huge difference to my skin –

The thing that I was definitely most surprised by was just how much better my skin looked after just a few weeks. It’s cleared up so much and the texture of my skin has improved too – it’s never felt softer or smoother. Spots are less frequent and when they do appear, they’re much less angry and red and tend to have a shorter lifespan. My skin is less red, more glowy and looks so much more even and it’s all done in just a minute of cleansing every night.

Obviously the device isn’t cheap, it’s definitely a bit of an investment but if you have problematic skin or just feel like your routine is missing something, this might be worth sticking on your birthday or Christmas wish list.

Have you tried any facial cleansing brush?

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  • The Sunday Mode

    A couple of years ago when the clarisonic came out and they were all the rage I remember wanting one more than anything, but they only sold them in America and shipping prices were a bitch! I love the sound of what the clarisonic does but I got scared off after I heard people saying it ‘purged’ your skin first- aka it got way worse before I got better.


    • See I was expecting the ‘purge’ period but didn’t really experience anything – for me, the results were basically instant, from the first use I could see my skin improving but obviously I might be the exception to the rule here – if your skin is really congested you might have to go through the purge…

  • Ivy

    Did you use to exfoliate beforehand? Do you think you saw a difference because there was more ‘buffing’ of the skin now that you started using this in comparison to your skin cleansing routine before? I exfoliate and buff quite thoroughly already with scrubs and face towels, never tried the Clarisonic but not sure if it will just replace my already existing exfoliating/buffing habbits rather than increase and improve?

    • I used to use a manual exfoliant but I haven’t really found it necessary – this teamed with the acid toner I use afterwards has been leaving my skin feeling smoother than ever before. I’d say if you were going to invest in a Clarisonic you’d want to replace those habits as otherwise your skin might get a little irritated from too much exfoliation, if you know what I mean.

  • Great post idea! I think if I was ever to get a cleansing brush I was go for the Foreo Luna because I don’t really need anything as intense as a Clarisonic. But it was great reading some of your thoughts and I’m glad it’s working well for you!

    xx Julia

    • I’m really intrigued by the Forea Luna, too, I haven’t read much about it – will have to look into it!

  • Adaleta Avdic

    I have a Clarisonic and I barely use it if I’m honest. This post gets me excited to use it more! xx adaatude.com

    • It’s totally worth trying it out a little more – I really notice the difference when I don’t use it!

  • Shilpa Shetty

    I always wanted to buy Clarisonic, but its not available in my country and also shipping and custom charges haunt me buying online,.. Nice post,.. I need to ask my cousin to get it for me..

    • Ah so annoying they’re not available in your country! Hopefully you’ll be able to get your hands on one