Quick Swatch // L’Oreal Infallible Long Wear Mega Glosses


I am all about that drugstore lip gloss life so as you can imagine, I was very excited when a new range of glossy beauties landed in my letterbox recently. After having a proper look at the range of shades available I thought that a quick swatch post was necessary.

These L’Oreal Infallible Glosses* have a seriously impressive colour range – covering everything from your barely there peachy nudes to your deep reds and berries. The range is split up into two categories – Cream and X-treme Resist. The Cream ones are, as you can imagine, creamy and pack a punch with pigment. The X-treme Resist ones are sheerer, look more like jelly and mostly involve some glitter. The applicator is worth a mention too, I haven’t completely worked out how it helps with application but I just know it does. They smell like sweet, glacé cherries which is a win in my book but something to keep in mind if you’re not crazy about scents in your lip products. I’ve also been really impressed with how glossy these are, and the gloss actually lasts too. You don’t see that much in the drugstore…



The Peachy Nudes –

108 Revolution Fabulous (Cream)* – Although it doesn’t look like much swatched on my very pale arm, I can see this shade working well to lighten up other lip colours or just add a touch of peachy gloss to the lips. By itself on me, it basically just acts as a clear gloss

101 Girl On Top (Cream)* – One of my early favourites from the range, it’s a slightly pinky peach nude that just evens out my lip colour slightly when applied on bare lips.

102 Scream and Shout (Cream)* – Peachier and deeper than Girl On Top and slightly more pigmented.

502 Hold Me Close (X-Treme Resist)* – This one looks very orange in the tube but swatches quite sheer, as the X-Treme Resist formulas do, it also has a lot of golden glitter in it which doesn’t quite come across in the swatch.



The Pinky Nudes –

103 Protest Queen (Cream)* –  A light nude which looks lovely and natural on the lips.

505 Never Let Me Go (X-Treme Resist)* – The next two shades don’t have a lot in the way of pigmentation and are more of a light wash of colour with some glitter thrown in – not everyone’s cup of tea but on the lips, the glitter isn’t as bad as I was initially expecting. Never Let Me Go is a light pink with golden glitter.

509 You Know You Love Me (X-Treme Resist)* – A deeper pink with silver glitter. From a distance the glitter just looks like shine, it’s up close that it starts to look a little too disco ball for my liking.

110 I Got The Power (Cream)* – Definitely my favourite from the line-up. It’s a beautiful browny nude that works well with the natural colours of my lips to produce an awesome, glossy MLBB shade. It works with any look.



The Pinks –

109 Fight For It (Cream)* – Another favourite from the line-up. This one’s a coral-pink that really brightens up my pale skin.

104 Mafia Gloss (Cream)* – The perfect warm fuchsia pink gloss. This shade makes my lips look so shiny and juicy, I love it.

504 My Sky Is The Limit (X-Treme Resist)* – One from the X-Treme Resist line that doesn’t have any glitter in it, instead the formula looks like sheer jelly. It’s a similar effect on the lips to Mafia Gloss but a little lighter.



The Reds and Berries –

503 All Night Long (X-Treme Resist)* – This gloss, with it’s red colour and gold glitter, makes me think of Christmas. Again the glitter is a little much for me all over the lips but I can totally see myself dabbing this onto the center of my bottom lip for a little definition.

106 Alerte Rouge (Cream)* – A gorgeous, bright red. The glossiness really picks up in these more pigmented, deeper colours.

501 Bulletproof (X-Treme Resist)* – The glitter is much less in your face in this gloss, so the cherry red shade of the gloss is the real star of the show.

107 Who’s The Boss? (Cream)* – Even though I rarely wear bold, glossy deep lips like this, I’m seriously in love with this grape-y purple.



I actually sat down and swatched each and every one of these while writing this post and I can now truly sympathise with Youtubers who make lip swatch videos… my lips are now stained a nice deep red right before bedtime… As you can see, the shade range is beautiful. There are a few duds but for the most part, these are fast shooting up the ranks of my favourite drugstore glosses.

Which colours from the range appeal to you the most?

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