The Power of Under Eye Setting Powders

Power of Setting Under The Eyes - Savvy Brightening CC Powder, Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, By Terry Hydra Powder, Bare Minerals Well Rested Concealer Powder, Australis Ready Set Go Tran2015 has been a year of make-up revelations for me. I realised how important bronzer was for adding definition to the face, how some lipstick colours don’t suit me and that the BeautyBlender might just be worth the hype. But one of the biggest revelations came when I started properly setting my makeup. It lasted longer, it looked more flawless and everything started coming together. My combination skin loves a bit of setting powder in the t-zone but this is a particularly awesome step for under the eyes because it can help conceal, it can brighten and it can make sure that your concealer doesn’t crease or disappear by time lunch time comes around.

My favourite brush for this step is the Models Prefer 104 Dual Purpose Powder & Bronzer BrushIt’s super fluffy, fits perfectly into the area required and it picks up just the right amount of product every time. For a more precise approach, the Real Techniques Setting Brush is an awesome little number. Nowadays I’ve got a fairly solid arsenal of favourites that I rotate through depending on what I’m after.

For super duper brightening power – If I didn’t get a good night sleep or I haven’t been drinking enough water, my under eyes make sure to let everyone know so adding a bit more brightness to the area is always helpful. The Savvy CC Powder in Brightening is my go-to for this. This is seriously brightening stuff and if you have anything beyond a medium complexion, this will be too stark, but for my pale skin a light dusting of this really perks up the area.

For a bit of extra coverage – When concealer just isn’t cutting it by itself, I reach for the Bare Minerals Well Rested Powder. It’s actually got some coverage to it to really up the intensity but it also sets the area really nicely. It’s not necessary every day but it’s nice to have for those days where my dark circles take up half of my face.

For serious staying power – If you’re after longevity and a flawless finish from morning until night I have a few options. The By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder sample I own is seriously luxe, it’s the softest powder I’ve ever felt, and is said to give a little bit of hydration too. The Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder is a cheapie and really serves the same purpose as the By Terry for a fraction of the price. But my favourite of all the under eye setting powders has to be Laura Mercier’s Invisible Loose Setting Powder. I’ve been using this basically non-stop since I brought it back from the U.S. There’s something about this one that’s seriously dreamy, it always makes my concealer look flawless and my eyes look more awake. It’s also a teensy bit yellow which helps to counteract any dark blue tones under the eyes.

Power of Setting Under The Eyes - Savvy Brightening CC Powder, Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, By Terry Hydra Powder, Bare Minerals Well Rested Concealer Powder, Australis Ready Set Go TranL to R: Savvy Brightening, By Terry Hydra Powder, Bare Minerals Well Rested, Australis Ready Set Go, Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder.

It’s definitely worth mentioning how hard it was to write power in this post without adding in an accidental d between the w and the e, #beautybloggerproblems.
What’s your favourite under-eye setting powder?

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  • I remember the days I didn’t use to set my makeup at all, now I can’t be without it! I love Kat Von D’s banana shade from her Shade & Light Palette but I’ve been dying to try Laura Mercier’s loose setting powder – always see rave reviews about it! x

    Daniela |

    • I know, me too! So silly, it helps so much! Ah yeah, I do love a good banana shade every once in a while too! 🙂

  • I have been lusting over the By Terry powder for months! So expensive, but feels so good. I’ve only had a sample but I’m already obsessed xx

  • I don’t often wear undereye concealer but when I do, I always make sure to set it well! I find it also helps mascara smudge less 🙂 Oh my, the By Terry powder is sooo lovely – I’m jealous you got that mini tub! The MUA used it on my for my formal, love.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Yeah, I guess it would help with mascara smudging! I don’t normally have a problem with that underneath my eyes. And yes – so nice! There’s still so much even in this mini tub!

  • Great post Ash, I always forget to set my concealer!! That LM powder looks amaze! Might have to pick it up!! xx

  • Rebecca

    I’ve been using the Hourglass Ethereal Light on my undereye area or the Dermablend Professional Setting Powder lately but I have my eyes on the Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Powder and the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish Powder. For me to love a powder it needs to look nice under the eyes 🙂
    Beauty Wanderer

  • I got the By Terry powder sample in my Beauty Loop box a few months ago and I’m super selective with it because it’s so expensive to buy 😩
    I’ll have to try the Laura Mercier one next!

    Maddie |

  • Awesome round up Ash! I love the LM one – it’s the only one I use under the eye 🙂

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  • I like I like 🙂 I have the savy cc powder, I honestly haven’t given it much of a go but I think I will have to pull it out to give a go