An Updated Haircare Routine


Hair posts don’t really pop up much around here, I’m always talking about what’s on my face but rarely about what’s happening on top of my head. But lately my routine has been working for me and my hair has been getting along with me. I think adding in a few extra steps to the routine has really made the difference so after picking up a few new bits a few weeks back and giving them a good trial, I’m back with a full routine post.


Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Intense Rescue Melting Balm – 

I was so intrigued by this when I first heard about it – I’m a huge fan of cleansing balms so surely hair balms would be a hit with me too. I scoop out a little bit of this about 15 minutes before I have my shower, distribute it through my hair (focusing on the ends) and comb it out. I then go and check my emails or get really distracted on Pinterest before jumping in the shower. Once you’ve warmed up a bit in your hands it’s turns into an oil which basically gets to work fixing up your hair. It smells delicious, too. After washing this out in the shower, my hair already feels so much healthier and smooth and I’m really so impressed with this. I was worried it would leave a sort of oily residue on my hair but I haven’t had any problems. Now it’s basically a staple in my routine.


Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Shampoo* & Conditioner* – 

I’ve been trialling this duo out for the last few weeks as part of a BeautyDirectory trial and I’ve got to say, considering the price tag, I’m amazed. These are about $7 at your local supermarket or pharmacy but manage to do such an awesome job at making my hair moisturising and smooth. Frizziness is one of my major hair concerns and I was worried that these wouldn’t really stand up against my thick hair but they’ve really surprised me. The conditioner is particularly great, even though it isn’t very thick, it still leaves my hair feeling really silky smooth.

Creightons Keratin Pro 2 Minute Super Smooth Treatment – 

Every once in a while I sandwich in an extra treatment between the shampoo and conditioner if my hair has been feeling particularly dry or frizzy. The latest one I’ve been using is this treatment from Creightons. I leave it in for two or three minutes in the shower before washing it out and it just gives my hair just a little bit of extra moisture. I’ve got to say, this isn’t my favourite in-shower treatment – the Goldwell DualSenses 60 Second Treatment does a much better job but this one is a great cheap option if you’re after something to reduce frizz (good old Keratin).


Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Paddle Brush* – 

After I’m out of the shower and have given my hair a bit of time to air dry, I go in and finish off the drying process with a hairdryer. I’m really bad at blowdrying my hair and normally it ends up looking like a frizzy, curly mess but after being sent this brush, things have been much easier. I use the Tangle Teezer brush to focus on smaller sections of my hair rather than just waving the dryer all over the place and it’s made a huge difference to how smooth my hair looks and has also cut down how long it takes to straighten my hair because the job’s already half done. My one little problem with the product is that the bristles aren’t bendy and it can hurt quite a bit if you poke yourself in the head with it because they’re so stiff.

Charles Worthington Shine Booster All Over Gloss Spray*

The last step to my hair routine is to add a little bit of styling product when I’ve finished drying it off. If my hair’s looking a little dull I have a few shine sprays that I reach for to bring a bit of life back to my hair. The CW spray actually really makes a difference to how shiny my hair looks but also how smooth it feels, I’ve noticed. It’s probably one of those differences that only I’m going to notice but still, it’s nice. I only need a few sprays of this otherwise things can start looking a little greasy but otherwise, a few spritzes and a quick comb through makes my hair look a little more like it belongs in a TV commercial.

What are your favourite hair products?

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