This Or That – Tapered Highlighting Brushes

This Or That - Tapered Highlighting Brushes, Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Scult Brush, Models Prefer 103 Highlight & Contour Brush

I think we all know by now that I love a bit of highlighting here and there and I’ve spoken frequently about my favourite highlighters but what about the tools? They’re just as important when it comes to making sure that my highlight is #onfleek. Today I’ve got two very similar tapered brushes that both work wonders when it comes to highlighting and contouring the face.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Powder & Sculpt Brush is one of the most luxe brushes I own. The bristles are super soft and the handle is actually designed so that it doesn’t roll all over the place, clever thinking CT. It’s a really great brush for carving out cheekbones really precisely and does a great job at applying highlighter too. One thing about this brush is that it lost quite a bit of it’s tapered shape after I washed it. A little bit disappointing considering the price point but it doesn’t stop me from loving it, it’s not quite as precise as it was to begin with but it actually means that it blends out products a little better, even.

The Models Prefer Dual Purpose 103 Highlight & Contour Brush is much cheaper than the CT Powder & Sculpt. It has a similar, tapered shape and is still super soft. It’s a little bit smaller than the Powder & Sculpt which means that it’s a little better at sculpting out precise cheekbones and the bristles are slightly less dense. Realistically, these brushes are really similar and they serve just about the same purpose. But this one keeps it’s shape better after being washed, staying a little bit more tapered.

This Or That - Tapered Highlighting Brushes, Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Scult Brush, Models Prefer 103 Highlight & Contour Brush

I tend to reach for the Charlotte Tilbury brush for highlighting and the Models Prefer brush for contouring. I find that due to the CT one being slightly less tapered it does a better job of picking up enough product for the cheekbones and blending it out a little more seamlessly. The Models Prefer one is more tapered so fits in perfectly under my cheekbone, making it perfect for really sculpting out a contour. It still blends out the product well but in a more precise way.

Is the CT Powder & Sculpt brush worth the money? Yeah, totally. If you’re feeling like splurging on one great brush then this is an awesome one to get. It’s soft and luxurious and a pleasure to have in my collection. But if you’re looking for a cheap and easy brush that will get the same job done for about a third of the price, the Models Prefer brush one is well worth checking out.
What’s your favourite brush for highlighting & contouring?

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