The Perfect Products For Frizz Free Hair

The Perfect Products For Frizz Free Hair - Tresemmé, John Freida, Charles Worthington and EvoHair isn’t something that I talk about a lot here on The Beauty Collection and I rarely pay much attention to what’s going on on top of my head but recently I’ve been trying my best to get into it and stop looking a little bit silly with my hair in a messy bun (not the beautifully undone kind that takes 20 minutes to achieve, I mean just a straight up mess kind)

My hair is fairly thick and often a little bit frizzy, so that’s what I’m dealing with, but my current routine of products has been keeping it neater, easier to deal with and style and with much less of a frizz factor.

The Perfect Products For Frizz Free Hair - Tresemmé, John Freida, Charles Worthington and Evo

The Tresemmé Keratin Smooth range first came to my attention when Michelle gave them the thumbs up. We look like we might have similar hair types so I made my way down to Priceline and grabbed the Tresemmé Keratin Smooth 7 Day Smooth Shampoo and Tresemmé Keratin Smooth 7 Day Smooth Conditioner. Both of these are meant to be heat-activated when it comes to controlling frizz so they’re ideal if you regularly blow dry or straighten your hair. I’d been missing my recently finished up hair treatment so I also popped the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Mineral Hair Rescue Masque in my basket too.  This three-step, in-shower routine has been going strong for over a month now and I’m DEFINITELY seeing results. My hair doesn’t look quite as damaged and it feels more hydrated and smooth. Normally, I’m pretty eh about shampoo and conditioner and just use whatever is lying around but I’m converted to this pair. The CW masque isn’t quite at holy grail standard but it is a really great, budget-friendly option with really awesome packaging (the flip top is so useful in the shower).

The Perfect Products For Frizz Free Hair - Tresemmé, John Freida, Charles Worthington and Evo

After my success with the Shampoo & Conditioner pair, I picked up the Tresemmé 7 Day Heat Activated Treatment to add to the mix. I apply a few pumps of this to my towel-dried hair and comb it through. I’m not really sure if this is really adding a whole lot more to the shampoo/conditioner equation, to be honest. Once my hair has dried, I like to straighten it. After using whatever heat treatment I have lying around, I put a few pumps of John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease Xtra Strength Serum through the strands in case there are any more fly-aways and go maybe a little overboard with the Evo Love Touch Shine Spray – it smells like sugar and watermelon, you can’t blame me for going overboard. It also does a great job of making my hair look shiny and sleek, rather than like straw.

As you can see, I’m totally out of my element talking about haircare so I think, for the most part, I’ll leave it to the pros. A little birdy told me that a Priceline Haircare 40% sale might be just around the corner so that might be a great time to check out these products (except for the Evo product, sorry!) if you’re after something to fix your frizzy hair situation.
What are your favourite hair products? 

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