My New Inglot Eyeshadow Duo (and some MAC Dupes)

My Inglot Eyeshadow Duo - Shade 397 & 156, MAC All That Glitters and Mulch DupesSo many people have told me about the beauty of Inglot, I remember when I was first getting into make-up I walked into a store, got intimidated with their massive shade range and walked out a few minutes later empty-handed. The other day, when I found myself near a store, I thought it was time to investigate the brand a little more. I ended up leaving with an eyeshadow duo (like I needed more of those) and came home to realise I already had a duo that looked very, very similar…

My Inglot Eyeshadow Duo - Shade 397 & 156, MAC All That Glitters and Mulch Dupes

I ended up going for the shades 397, a peachy light gold and 156, a metallic warm brown. It took about one application before I was in love with the texture of these eyeshadows. They’re SO creamy and easy to work with and the colours that I chose really work well together, if I do say so myself. The shades create a lovely bright but defined eye look that is easy to create with just two eyeshadows – quick and easy is always good. I’m very excited to head back and build myself a larger palette at some stage, hopefully when I’ve magically worked my way through my excess of existing eyeshadow palettes…

My Inglot Eyeshadow Duo - Shade 397 & 156, MAC All That Glitters and Mulch Dupes

But here’s the kicker – I got home to discover that my existing MAC duo that I’ve had for a little while now looked very similar. It’s served me well but I can’t say that I reach for it all that often. The shades in my MAC duo are All That Glitters and Mulch. The formula of the MAC shadows is noticeably stiffer and it’s particularly noticeable with the lighter shades that the same colour pay off and creaminess just isn’t there.

My Inglot Eyeshadow Duo - Shade 397 & 156, MAC All That Glitters and Mulch DupesL to R: Inglot 397, MAC All That Glitters, Inglot 156, MAC Mulch.

As you can see in the swatches, they’re not EXACT dupes but they’re pretty damn close. All That Glitters is slightly deeper and more golden than 397 and MAC Mulch is, again, slightly deeper and has less of that golden gleam to it than it’s Inglot counterpart.

Did I need both duos? Nope, I’ll be the first to admit that. But my mistakes have led to a pretty useful little dupe-finding experience, I think!
Have you tried Inglot eyeshadows before?

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  • Wow thank u so much for ur dupe experience, they are pretty darn close. Love all that glitters

  • GREAT dupes!!!

  • Ahahaa, oh Ash! I love that you unintentionally bought dupes 😛 I am incredibly tempted by Inglot but I need to curb my spending! Also I’ve gotten so many new eyeshadows recently. I’ll definitely need to do some shade research before I buy any too haha!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • It was entirely unintentional! I can’t even believe my luck considering how many shades there are to choose from at Inglot! hahah I clearly have a type…

  • Wow they are so close in shades! I love Inglot eyeshadows. Like you mentioned, they are creamy and easy to work with. I actually think I prefer them to my MAC eyeshadows. They’re so much more affordable as well. I just wish they named their eyeshadows rather than give them numbers – it’s too hard to remember numbers! haha

    Jess | It’s That Time For

  • Those shadows are stunning! I love all the shades haha they’re so similar but at least they’re all beautiful and they’re the type you can use everyday? 😛

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  • The Sunday Mode

    That’s happened to me so many times (buying products that are so similar to ones you already own). I guess when it comes to makeup I have a ‘type’? haha

    • haha yep, I definitely look like I have a type when it comes to eyeshadows – can’t believe how similar they are!

  • Great dupes! I really want to try out Inglot eyeshadows but haven’t gotten around to it yet, everyone seems to love them.

    Nicole xo |

  • Jasmine Huston

    I really must get into Inglot and stat! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

  • I haven’t tried their eyeshadows but their gel liner is my absolute favourite! x
    Beauty Wanderer