My MAC Lipstick Collection

My MAC Lipstick CollectionThose beautiful black bullets are pretty well known in the beauty world, who couldn’t recognise a MAC lipstick from a mile away? Since writing this post a year ago, my collection has grown fairly dramatically so I thought it was worth returning to the topic and taking stock on which MAC shades have since appeared in my lipstick collection…

My MAC Lipstick Collection

Peach Blossom – It’s described on the website as a frosted cool nude but I definitely don’t see the frosty claims. On me, this is one of those perfect MLBB shades, a little pinker and a little lighter but a gorgeous shade that would work well with any skin type. The Cremesheen formula tends to accentuate any imperfections so I’m careful to prep well first.

Patisserie – A sheer, creamy neutral pink, as MAC would describe it. It’s a Lustre finish but still very similar to Peach Blossom. I prefer this to Peach Blossom because it’s a little bit darker and more nude and I find the Lustre formula a little more forgiving. Whenever I need that perfect nude shade, this is the one I go for.

Crosswires – My very first lipstick from MAC but nowadays I don’t reach for it a lot. I’m not entirely sure why because this clean, pinky orange Cremesheen lipstick is super brightening on my complexion and is, in my opinion, the perfect summer coral. Remind me to wear this more come summer time…

Lustering – MAC says this is an outspoken pink, and as you can guess by the name, it’s a Lustre formula. This is definitely one of my favourites in my lineup because it’s sheer but buildable and the warm pink is seriously gorgeous. The formula of this one is seriously lovely and always wears well on my lips.

Speak Louder – The shade of this one is fairly similar to Lustering, but in the Cremesheen formula (I sense a pattern emerging…). It’s described as a clean, poppy blue pink but I don’t really think it’s too blue toned. It’s a bit darker than Lustering and has more of an opaque finish but seems to look quite warm on my skintone.

I get the most wear out of Patisserie and Lustering, they’re both super easy to throw on when I don’t know what to wear.

My MAC Lipstick CollectionL to R: Peach Blossom, Patisserie, Crosswires, Lustering, Speak Louder
My MAC Lipstick Collection - Peach Blossom, Patisserie, Crosswires, Lustering, Speak Louder, Creme D'Nude, Tumble Dry, Morange, Steam Heat, Tats, Royal Ball, OblivionNow onto the Limited Editions bits. These are going to be harder to come by if you fall in love with one of the shades, I’m sorry! But I thought they were still worth mentioning.

Royal Ball (Cinderella Collection) – I’m not ashamed to admit that I bought this one for the packaging. It’s a fleshy pink with a Lustre finish. It’s really light so I don’t reach for this to wear on it’s own that often. But can work well if I want to lighten up another shade.

Creme D’Nude (repromote, Wash & Dry Collection) – This is a permanent colour but in the LE packaging. It’s described as a pale muted peach beige and, as I mentioned when I went into more depth in my haul from this Wash & Dry collection, this tends to look a little concealer lips on me.

Tumble Dry (Wash & Dry Collection) – Another lustre, another really pale one, this one a little more orange (described as a light peachy coral by MAC). The formula is better on this one compared to Creme D’Nude but the colour still doesn’t quite work on me on it’s own.

Tats (Giambattista Valli Collection) – Now this one, I’m in love with. Tats, from MAC’s collaboration with Giambattisa Valli is GORGEOUS. I picked this up in the US release but I get the feeling I want others from the collection when it lands in Aus… It’s a bright, hot pink in MAC’s Matte formula. The formula is actually surprisingly comfortable and I really can’t get enough of the colour.

Morange (repromote, Wash & Dry Collection) – A straight-up orange. That’s essentially all there is to MAC’s Morange (they call it a loudmouth orange). It’s another from their permanent range. I still haven’t worked up the courage to wear this Amplified Creme lipstick out of my house but maybe one day when I’m feeling particularly brave…

Steam Heat (Wash & Dry Collection) – My true love from the Wash & Dry collection is Steam Heat. It’s a vivid, yellow red in the Satin formula and it’s such a bright, summer time red. I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this when the weather heats up. I’m also a huge fan of this comfortable but super pigmented formula.

Oblivion (Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection) – My first foray with MAC LE collections was the Rocky Horror collaboration, I took home Oblivion, a vivid bluish-red in the Amplified finish, and have no regrets. It’s a gorgeous raspberry red that I really don’t reach for enough but does a good job of making my teeth like white, who doesn’t want that?

My MAC Lipstick CollectionL to R: Royal Ball, Creme D’Nude, Tumble Dry, Tats, Morange, Steam Heat, OblivionMy MAC Lipstick Collection

When it comes to MAC’s huge array of colours, there’s really one (or twenty) for everyone.
What’s your favourite MAC lipstick?

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  • Why do I always love all the limited edition ones lol

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  • Tats looks awesome! I’m really tempted by that collection, the packaging is pretty adorable. Eep – you must wear Morange out!! It’s such an amazing shade. My favourite bold lip in warmer weather – besides corals of course 😛 Hmm Peach Blossom and Patisserie do look quite similar, I think I can skip Peach blossom then, though it is gorg!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Tats is amazing! Can’t wait for the Australian launch. See, I’m never much of an orange wearer! haha I’m all about the fuchsias but yeah, will have to go a bit out of my comfort zone. Yeah, probably worth skipping – I didn’t realise they were that similar!

  • Great collection! I really should invest in more corals!

    Can’t wait for the Giambattista Valli launch here! I want Tats and Charlotte! I wonder how much they’ll be…

    Maddie |

    • I should invest in more corals too although I never seem to wear them – they always make my teeth look a little too yellow. I think I’ll be picking up another one or two from the collection if I get in in time! Definitely worried about the price though…

  • They are sooooo pretty, so many amazing shades

  • Ohh..I am envious haha. I do love Creme’d Nude, I wear it daily I reckon!

    Annabel ♥

    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Gorgeous collection!!! I am forever adding new lipsticks to my MAC collection, I just can’t help it. It’s inevitable to walk away with a new one every time I walk past the counter! I’m a sucker of warm nudes at the moment, so Velvet Teddy, Taupe and Spirit. Recently I got Whirl and it’s also another favourite, so pretty.

    Daniela |

    • It’s a hard habit to kick 😉 I couldn’t quite make Velvet Teddy work for me but there were some other shades in that same colour family that looked really nice last time I was looking in store.

  • Yeah, if you want a wide range of colours MAC is definitely your best bet!

  • It’s a seriously gorgeous shade! So in love with it

  • I think it might’ve been a few dollars more in the U.S. so I’m not sure! The Cinderella lipsticks were $40 in AUS so these will probably be similar…

  • Beautiful collection! The LE packaging is sooo pretty! But if it was me, I would rather the standard black packaging because they would all look uniform (OCD-ness in me). I love MAC lipsticks but just wasn’t reaching for them as much anymore so I sold a bunch of mine. Now I’m left with 3 haha. Patisserie is next on my list!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    • Yeah, I totally understand where you’re coming from there – I like it when everything’s all in order but I can’t resist pretty packaging…