Models Prefer & Australis Contour Kit Comparison

Models Prefer vs Australis Contour Kit Comparison SwatchesContour kits are everywhere lately and the Australian drugstore has been lifting it’s game and getting on board of the contour craze. First it was Australis with their AC On Tour Kit (on the right of the above picture) and more recently, Models Prefer released their Contour Collection (not online yet, sorry!) as part of their new contour range. 3 highlighting shades, 3 contour shades, chic black packaging, but which one has the better quality?

Models Prefer vs Australis Contour Kit Comparison Swatches

A lot of people went crazy for the Australis kit when it was first released (myself included) but then found themselves a little disappointed with the hard to manage contour shades and the overly chalky and pigmented formula. The three contour shades all looked quite similar really on my skin and I couldn’t make any of them work for me. My kit got a bit of use when it first arrived but quickly got forgotten about because most mornings, I didn’t have time to make sure that the contour shades didn’t look muddy on my cheeks.

Models Prefer vs Australis Contour Kit Comparison Swatches

Models Prefer clearly learnt from Australis’ mistakes. They’ve come out with a very similar kit but the contour shades are significantly less muddy and the formula is softer, smoother and easier to work with. The highlight shades are much the same in both sets but you can see from the swatches that MP’s contour shades vary more and that the middle one is much more cool toned, perfect for us lighter skinned ladies and gents. They’re also less pigmented but in this case that’s a positive. It means that you can work slowly with the powders and keep adding layers until you’ve reached your desired level of contour. The Australis one was a ‘you’ve only got one chance, this it it’ kind of product.

Models Prefer vs Australis Contour Kit Comparison Swatches

I’ve been trialling the Models Prefer set for the last couple of days since I bought it and I’ve been very impressed with the middle contour shade in particular. It is so easy to work with, even someone like me who has very little idea how to contour, can manage to create a chiselled cheekbone with ease. The other two contour shades aren’t going to work quite as well on someone like me but I’ve actually tried bronzing with them and I’ve really liked the results. The middle yellow highlight shade is great lightly swished under the eyes (it can get a little cakey if you go overboard) and the other two highlight shades are really awesome additions to the set too. I can actually see myself getting use out of all of the shades in this kit, whereas the only one I really reach for in the Australis is the yellow shade to set under my eyes.

Models Prefer vs Australis Contour Kit Comparison SwatchesModels Prefer vs Australis Contour Kit Comparison Swatches

Whether you’re a contouring beginner (the set comes with an awesome little guide book too) or a seasoned contour professional, the Models Prefer set is seriously good stuff. It blows the Australis kit out of the water, in my opinion, so for the same-ish price I’d definitely recommend holding out until the MP pops up at your local store.
Will you be picking up the MP set? Did you try the Australis one?

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  • I’ve had a swatch of the MP one and totally agree, the shades look and feel so much better! The contour shades are less pigmented which I prefer because they’d be easier to blend. I rarely use my Australis one, they’re just super powdery and can come off quite muddy. I wish I hadn’t bought it in hindsight haha! I’m tempted to buy the MP one but I reaaaally don’t need another contour kit! Oh, and it has a mirror! So much better packaging haha.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Yeah I wish I didn’t get caught up in the hype when it first released but ah well, you live and you learn! The packaging is SOOOO much better (although hard to photograph because it’s so reflective) but yeah, wait for a sale and then you’re basically making money 😉

  • This is the first time I’ve heard this brand 🙂 But it looks really pretty, perfect shades to have in the contouring palette.

  • I completely agree, MP have really nailed it. Such a good quality contour kit for the price. I think I’ll be picking this one up very soon! I do think that the banana powder in the Australis version is a tiny bit more brightening but MP wins overall.

    Dani the Girl XO

    • Yeah, I definitely agree about the banana shade but I find that even though the Australis one is more brightening, it’s quicker to cake!

  • The Sunday Mode

    Never would have thought the MP contour kit was something worth looking at, but it sounds really good! Not sure if I’m brave enough with the contouring to need three different shades though…the struggle. haha

    • Definitely check out the whole Models Prefer range – they have some amazing things! hahah oh no, I definitely keep it to one shade for contouring, I’m far from a master but the other two, as I said, are awesome for bronzing!

  • Great comparison! I’m still not sure if a contour kit would suit my makeup routine but it’s still nice to know which are the best and most affordable!

    xx Julia

    • Yeah, I definitely don’t use them every day but exactly, still good to know that the products are good!

  • A lot of people didn’t seem to get on with it, myself included! :/