Four Primers For Any Occasion

4 Primers For Every Occasion - Too Faced Hangover Primer, Mecca Soft Focus Smoothing Primer, L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer, Stila One Step CorrectSometimes primers can make all the difference to how my makeup looks, I’m often fairly picky with what I start my routine off with but I’ve found that lately my picks have been falling into four distinct categories, each serving their separate purposes, introducing the Four Primer Wardrobe…

The Brightening, Hydrating Primer – I mentioned my love for those primers that feel more like moisturisers last week and I’ve gotta say it’ll always be one of my favourite formulations. When I want to look healthy and glowy these are the ones that I go for. My favourite here is the Too Faced Hangover PrimerA primer that feels more like a moisturiser but still makes makeup apply just that little bit better. If you have dry skin, this one is a particularly important category to have covered because prepping your skin properly can make all the difference.

The Smoothing Primer – I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of those primers that feel super silicone-y but I’m still a fan of the finish that they can give, who doesn’t want poreless, airbrushed looking skin every once in a while? The perfect compromise for me has been found in the Mecca Cosmetica Soft Focus Smoothing Primer. I don’t think I would’ve looked twice at this product in store but this sample size was in a Beauty Loop box and I’ve been SO impressed. It’s silky but not overly silicone-y like others I’ve tried. It smoothes and softens and really does give that soft focus effect to your skin. I’ll definitely be picking up a full size soon. If you’re not opposed to the silicone feeling primers, the Benefit Porefessional is worth checking out too.

4 Primers For Every Occasion - Too Faced Hangover Primer, Mecca Soft Focus Smoothing Primer, L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer, Stila One Step Correct

The Luminising Primer – For dewy skin lovers or those of you with drier skin types, the luminising primer is a must have. They’re an awesome first step in your routine if you want your skin to look glowy and radiant. Personally, I don’t reach for these too frequently as my skin is a little more combination so it creates it’s own shine throughout the day but I do like pairing them with a matte foundation so my skin still looks bright and not flat. The L’Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer is a beautiful pearlescent liquid that blends out beautifully and makes your skin look super dewy and is also a good one to use as a liquid illuminator on the high points of the face.

The Correcting Primer – If your skin has a bit of redness or pigmentation that you want to get rid of then correcting primers are an awesome first step. They colour correct on the skin to make sure everything is looking a little more normal before you go ahead with your base and I find them particularly awesome if my skin is flaring up or feeling particularly sensitive. The Stila One Step Correct is one of my favourite primers ever, it’s been helping my skin look healthy for a while now and a repurchase is on the cards soon as this one is nearly out. It has green, lavender and peach tones in it to reduce redness and sallow undertones and to brighten any other pigmentation and also feels super moisturising and calming on the skin.

There are countless numbers of primers on the market targeting different skin concerns and prolonging the wear of your make-up so it’s important to know what you’re looking to achieve from this first step in your routine. It can be easy to get overwhelmed. Starting with a hydrating, a smoothing, a luminising and a correcting primer will have you covered for any occasion.
What are your favourite primers? Which category is your favourite?

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  • Gah I need the Too Faced primer in my lyfe. I totally love the Loreal lumi primer – especially under matte foundations like you said. I also like mixing it with other primers too! I like silicone primers but definitely only in specific areas like the t-zone, I don’t think I could handle it all over!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • You doooo! And I’ve only been using it for a little bit even though it’s been sitting there for ages haha. Yeah, I’ve been liking them more and more just down the center of my face where I get the most oily so maybe I’ll have to keep experimenting with that!

  • Shilpa Shetty

    I’m eyeing for Too Faced Hangover Primer.. Just waiting for sale. Thank you for this post on Different types of primers. My favourite primer category is Smoothing Primer, as I have some open pores, which makes my skin look bit dull and mature 🙁

    • Good idea to wait for a sale! That’s good that you love Smoothing Primers, everyone has different skin concerns! 🙂

  • I’ve been seeing the Too Faced primer EVERYWHERE…. I NEED it x

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  • Lately I’ve been using the Hourglass No.28 primer serum as my lower half of my face has been so dry! My friend tried it though and thought it was just sooo oily! The preferences we have…
    Totally agree with your categories though! I think the Hourglass one fits into the “Brightening, Hydrating category” for me.

    Maddie |

    • Ooh, sounds like a good one for dry skin! But you’re exactly right, it’s such a personal thing to pick out!

  • Ah that’s annoying if they’re causing you to break out, you obviously haven’t found the one yet 😉

  • One Step Correct has to be my Holy Grail primer! I love it and for some reason haven’t repurchased it… crazy. We’re totally similar in the sense that we like moisturising primers – I am always in a rush and love something that allows me to skip waiting for my moisturiser and primer to sink in before makeup application. I’m trying out the Too Faced Hangover Primer at the moment, and I also really like Chanel Le Blanc de Chanel as an illuminating primer.

    Daniela |

    • It’s just so good! I’m getting to the end of mine and I’m devastated! And the Le Blanc De Chanel has been on my list for way too long, will have to pick it up!

  • One Step Correct is one of my favourites! I’ve already repurchased it once and won’t hesitate to do it again! I’ve been meaning to try out the TooFaced Hangover Primer too so I may pick it up on my next trip to Mecca (: xx

    Alana | Life, Love And Lipstick

    • I just repurchased the One Step Correct too actually, I can’t help but love it! Definitely have a look at the Hangover Primer, it’s incredible!