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Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue ReviewLovers of the lightweight base went crazy for the release of the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. The claims of sheer to medium coverage with a natural, dewy finish sounded pretty good to me too so when I saw that the U.S. had a shade lighter than the ones offered in Australia I made sure to pick it up.

Application – I was surprised by how thick this was when I first squeezed it out, maybe just because I assumed that the sheer coverage would mean a thinner formula. Although it’s thick it’s still very lightweight. It’s a little bit mousse-y, even, when first applied to the skin. I’ve been applying it either with a BeautyBlender or with a big brush like Louise Young’s LY34 brush. Both techniques give great results. This blends in so seamlessly that it looks just like skin. I do, however, like to give it a final pat into the skin with my fingers to make it look really natural.

Finish/Coverage – The finish is, as you could expect, super dewy. Perhaps a little too dewy for someone with combination skin like myself. I tend to apply a quick bit of powder on my t-zone to set it, that way the finish still looks dewy without looking oily. The coverage was a pleasant surprise too, this gives light coverage but it can be built up to medium coverage while still looking natural on the skin. It evens out my complexion and even does a bit to cover any blemishes. Obviously concealer is still needed on the problem areas but for a day-to-day base, this does a really great job.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Review

Shade – I’ve got the shade 01 Opal, which is unavailable in Australia, unfortunately. It’s described as perfect for the fairest porcelain skin with cool undertones. It matches me fairly well when first applied but can oxidise a tiny bit by the time I’m finished doing my makeup. Nothing too noticeable, however, so it still  matches me well.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Review

Wear – I don’t normally expect much from these lighter coverage foundations when it comes to wear time but, again, I was pleasantly surprised. This is one of those bases that actually looks better after an hour or two of wear. After a few more hours of wear it can get a little too glowy for my combination skin but it’s nothing a little blotting couldn’t fix. By the end of the day, I’m looking fairly glowy but the coverage is still, for the most part, there. It wears off a little on my chin but that’s about it.

Those with dry skin would love this foundation, I think. It’s hydrating and glowy and doesn’t have a problem covering dry patches.
Those with oilier skin should proceed with caution but definitely don’t rule it out entirely. It’s worth a try if you love a glowy, light base and take the time to set it with your favourite powder in the morning.

At first, I didn’t see what the fuss about with this one but the more I used it, the more I got it. Now I have trouble remembering to reach for anything else when I’m looking for a lightweight, glowy base. It hydrates and it feels so comfortable on the skin, I’ll be reaching for this even more when the weather heats up and I don’t want something heavy on my skin.
Have you tried this one out? What’s your favourite lightweight base?

  • Yeeeeep, I’m gonn’ need dis. As soon as I finish my current BB cream (I’m so close!) I’ll definitely be picking this up.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  • Bella

    I’ve tried this and I really like it! Like you I have combination skin and thought it might be a bit too dewy but it is perfect with a dusting of powder!

    • Exactly my thoughts! Was a little nervous at first but with some powder in the right places it is perfect!

  • That looks really good on the skin. I like light weight products when I am having a casual day.
    I can’t seem to find Bareminirals here (Turkey), I didn’t have any problem getting stuff from them when I was living in the UK.

    • Yeah, it’s so comfortable on the skin. How frustrating though that you can’t find it in Turkey, hopefully you can find somewhere that ships internationally

  • What a lovely ex flatmate! At least if you wait a little while the product will still be available? I’ve tried the Marvelous Moxie lipsticks and they’re so nice!

  • Glad you enjoyed 🙂

  • Yeah, I was a little iffy about it with my combination-ish skin but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. It’s worth trying to grab a sample at least 🙂

  • I love it on my combination skin as long as I powder my t-zone, it’s worth grabbing a sample if you’re in the market for a glowy lightweight base!

  • Beautiful Bedlam

    I’m in! This was such a great review! You covered everything I was wondering about 🙂 I’m definitely going to try it out xxx