3 Of The Best: Facial Cleansing Wipes

3 Of The Best Face Wipes - Simple, Formula 10.0.6, PalmersI’m not normally a big user of face wipes, I prefer to properly cleanse my face using a liquid cleanser (one of many in my bathroom) but some nights if I’ve been wearing particularly heavy make-up or I just want to make the process a little quicker I’ll reach for a face wipe to make it all a bit easier. I don’t really buy them much anymore but a bunch of brands have been generously sending me their newest releases and I thought I’d weigh in on three of the best I’ve tried from the drugstore.

Simple Micellar Cleansing Wipes* – I mentioned these ones in my latest recommendations from Priceline but thought it was mentioning them again. I’m a huge fan of the micellar water from the range for removing make-up but these guys win when it comes to convenience. They do a really great job of getting rid of makeup, particularly eye makeup, and are great for sensitive skin because they’re super gentle. I was a big fan of the original wipes from Simple a few years ago but these have overtaken them.

Formula 10.0.6 Wipe Your Face Off Make-up Removing Facial Wipes* – These leave the skin feeling so rejuvenated and fresh after use, it probably has something to do with the really delicious grapefruit & apple scent. These ones feel the most damp, if that makes sense. They seem to calm my skin down a lot while also removing make-up so they’ d be a good pick for someone with skin that’s prone to redness.

Palmers Moisturising Facial Cleansing Wipes* – I’ve tried quite a bit from the Palmers skincare line and I’ve been really impressed and these haven’t let me down either. These are dual-textured so they have one smooth side and one that’s slightly rougher, designed for exfoliating. I can’t say I personally notice much of a difference between the two but nevertheless, the wipes are great. They smell light and fresh (not like chocolate, like the rest of the range, unfortunately) and do a great job of removing make-up.

3 Of The Best Face Wipes - Simple, Formula 10.0.6, Palmers

Just about every brand has them but they’re often not damp enough or just don’t get the job done. Although they don’t replace a proper cleanser, face wipes can be great for making sure your face is super clean and ready for the rest of your skincare. They’re also useful for removing swatches, I keep some in my car from when I’ve had a swatchfest at Priceline. When it comes to actually removing make-up, these are three of the best.
What are your favourite face wipes?

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