My Trip To The Bite Beauty Lip Lab, Soho NYC

Bite Beauty Lip Lab, Soho NYC - My Experience and HaulOne of the top places on my list for my time is New York was the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, down in Soho. The concept of making my own, personalised lipstick was just too good to pass up. It wasn’t until towards the end of my trip that I actually got time to go but boy, was it worth it. When I was researching the Lip Lab I couldn’t find a lot of information around so I thought it was worth writing up a quick little post about my experience there for any other prospective lipstick makers or anyone just interested in the process!

The consultation starts off with a quick little treatment with their lip scrub and agave lip mask to prepare your lips for the next step – a one on one chat with one of the talented girls, explaining to her what you want while she gets mixing. Then I tried on the shades and let her know what I thought. I decided that I’d get a nude-y pink and a fuchsia, because they’re the shades I wear the most. The first mixes for the nude were a little too orange for my liking so we kept changing ratios around, and trying them on until we found one that I loved. We then went on to finding a fuchsia. That was a bit of a quicker process. After nailing down the colours, we moved onto choosing the formula. You can choose from Creme, Matte and Sheer as well as Deluxe Creme which is a little pricier. I chose Creme for my nude and Sheer for my fuchsia. You can see my process to find the perfect shade in the pic below.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab, Soho NYC - My Experience and Haul

My mum came along with me and made two of her own lipsticks at the same time, it was my birthday present to her, and she loved the experience just as much. She ended up with a matte warm orange-y red and a sheer peachy nude, both of which she’s very happy with. As I was writing this post, she was gushing about how much she loved the formula. The below picture is a look at her sheet of swatches.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab, Soho NYC - My Experience and Haul

The next step was to choose scents for our lip products – there was a choice of Cherry, Mango, Wildberry (this is the one they use for their normal lipsticks, apparently), Vanilla, Lime, Mint and Violet. You could mix and match however you pleased but I ended up going with one Wildberry and one Mango. I found this step surprisingly tricky! We also got to choose which lid we wanted and there’s also the option to add glitter or shimmer to the mix.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab, Soho NYC - My Experience and Haul

After that was decided they mixed together the required parts in a machine and added the fragrance. They then poured the liquid into moulds and placed it on top of a cold slab to set for a few minutes while they prepared the tubes. After the bullets had set, they carefully removed the top half of the mould and stuck them in their little tubes. The whole process was so quick and easy! Overall, it took about 10 minutes to pick the colours and another 10 to make up the lipsticks.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab, Soho NYC - My Experience and HaulBite Beauty Lip Lab, Soho NYC - My Experience and Haul Bite Beauty Lip Lab, Soho NYC - My Experience and Haul

Onto the pricey part. For one lipstick, of the Creme, Matte or Sheer variety, it’s $36USD (around $47AUD). If you want the Deluxe Cream then it’s $48USD ($63AUD). Needless to say, they’re definitely not cheap but I suppose that’s just the price you pay if you want your very own lipstick! For me it was one of those ‘#yolo I’m in NYC, when am I going to get this chance again’ moments and I have zero regrets. My boyfriend thought to call my two lipsticks Cleopatra and Indiana after my cats, somehow, to us, the colours match their personalities somewhat.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab, Soho NYC - My Experience and Haul Bite Beauty Lip Lab, Soho NYC - My Experience and HaulLeft: the nude-pink cream, Right: the sheer fuchsia

If you find yourself in New York City and call yourself a bit of a lipstick lover, this is a pretty special experience that I can wholeheartedly recommend. You can read a little bit more about it here if you’re interested. If you don’t have any immediate plans to head to the US, maybe it’s one for that bucket list? 😉
What lipstick shade would you make if you had the opportunity?

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  • Oh gosh the idea of creating a custom lip color is sooo fascinating. Definitely hittin up Bite Beauty Lip Lab when I head to NYC in the future!

  • Becca Velkoski

    Off to the states next weekend and loving all these posts – will def be adding this to the list for nyc!

  • Shilpa Shetty

    Waaw,.. Nice post, for a minute I thought I’m in the Bite Beauty Lip Lab.. Your narration is tooo good.. Love to visit atleast once ,.. 🙂

  • Guuuh ME SO JELLY. Seriously, this is a lipstick lovers dream. I adore Bite’s lipstick formula and the shades in their range are so pretty already haha 😛 Love the shades you created, the whole process sounds seriously awesome.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Exactly! Even my mum who isn’t too much of a lipstick lover LOVED the experience! But you’re right, their existing range is already so legit!

  • Omg this is so awesome!!! Seeing how they’re made and all. What an experience & gift to take home with you x

    Katina |

  • Bella

    Can’t see the difference of the two finishes as clearly in the picture but both colours are so pretty! I want to go to NYC JUST to go to the lab.. LOL

    • No, I realised when I looked at it that’s tricky to tell but essentially, the sheer one on the right has been built up a little bit – it’s not quite as pigmented on first swipe.

      • Bella

        Ahhhh understood. Still, colours are really pretty, hope you’re enjoying them!

  • I’ve read about the Lip Lab and it’s definitely on my bucket list!! Such a cool idea, and that price isn’t too crazy, because Bite beauty is such an awesome brand! I have a few of their products and I love them!!

    Mel x | Loads of Lifestyle

    • Exactly – considering that the quality of Bite lipsticks are so good, the price is definitely understandable!

  • That’s amazing! I have heard of these kinds of places for fragrances where you can make your own perfume but not for lipsticks, thanks for the write-up, this place is definitely going on the NYC list!!

    • Yeah, I’ve definitely heard of places around that do fragrance (totally interested in that too) but lipsticks? So cool!

  • Love this idea!! If I’m ever lucky enough to be in NY I’ll be making a visit there for sure! Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  • I had a read of this and your US haul posts last night and I am feeling SO spendy right now!!! You nabbed so many gorgeous things. This looks like the coolest experience ever; not many beauty addicts can say they’ve made their own custom lipstick. x

    Daniela |