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Shop & Box Haul - Sephora, Smashbox & MACI’ll admit it, I always give in to hype and have a serious problem when it comes to needing (not wanting, needing) Limited Edition makeup bits. Even though I just came back from the U.S. about a month ago, there were a few new releases that I was dying to get my hands on but without the stress of having to stay up all night waiting for things to launch (I’m looking at you MAC). That’s where Shop and Box came in – it took the stress out of shopping from the U.S. I was asked on Instagram about the prices involved so I thought I’d give you a completely transparent breakdown here of what you’re paying for.

But first, here’s what I picked up…

Shop & Box Haul - Sephora, Smashbox & MAC

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop – I simply couldn’t miss this one. I’m a huge fan of everything Jaclyn does but this one is particularly great. This order actually had three Champagne Pop’s as I was buying them for two friends as well. I know that the formula of these Becca highlighters are great and Champagne Pop is a really lovely shade – I’ll report back soon…

MAC x Giambattista Valli Lipstick in Tats – This was the other LE thing that I really wanted to get my hands on and I am NOT disappointed. This bright, hot pink shade was love at first swatch for me and the packaging is seriously to die for. I love Valli’s designs and these lipsticks are a seriously beautiful extension to the line. I think this collection launches in Australia on the 7th of September, I can totally recommend checking the line out.

Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer in Some Girls – I really regretted not picking up more from the Marc Jacobs line when I was in the U.S. and Jaclyn was raving about these lip glosses on her channel a few weeks ago so I knew I had to pick one up. Some Girls is a gorgeous peachy pink gloss, I’m in love.

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water in Fair – I think this product launched the day before I made this order and I was very interested in the concept of a BB Water – it wasn’t cheap but Smashbox have never let me down before! The texture is certainly like water but the coverage is quite nice – I’ll have a review up soon, hopefully!

Shop & Box Haul - Sephora, Smashbox & MACL to R: Smashbox BB Water in Fair, Becca Champagne Pop, MAC Tats, Marc Jacobs Some Girls

Now onto the price-y things…

This was my second experience with Shop & Box (read about my first haul here) and it was just as lovely as the first. It’s fairly quick and easy and it’s a lot less stressful than having to go through the parcel forwarding debacle. My Boxer, Louise, was really helpful and was quick to reply to any questions I had.

Shop & Box has a two invoice system – the first invoice which you pay when you’ve confirmed the order, is for the price of the items themselves and any shipping costs to the Boxer. The total cost of the 6 items (3 Champagne Pops, 1 MAC Lipstick, 1 Marc Jacobs Lip Gloss & 1 Smashbox BB Water) was $230.69USD. This was including the in-state tax, my Boxer was in L.A. At the time, this translated to $314.49AUD being paid through Paypal.

The second invoice comes when the Boxer has all of the products and is ready to ship them to you. This invoice includes the Shop & Box Service Fee, which is 14% of the order, as well as the price for International Shipping. Shop & Box offers a discount code to second-time shoppers, which meant that I got 25% off the service fee. My second invoice cost $44.50USD, translating to $62.11AUD. That was around $30USD for the service fee (before the 25% off voucher I had) and then $24.98USD for the international shipping. My package was sent on Tuesday the 14th, L.A. time, and arrived to me on Friday afternoon which I was very, very happy about.

The order in total cost me $376.60AUD. This includes the two items that weren’t for me and have been paid for by others. Yes, the service fee definitely can add up but that’s the price you pay for an actual human helping you on the other side of the world. If you’re a bit nervous about using parcel forwarding services then this would work really well for you. It’s also worth noting that unless you’re picking up a few things the flat rate shipping cost isn’t worth it so I would only recommend it if you’re looking to pick up a couple of things to make shipping worth it. It’s worth waiting until there are a few things on your shopping list before placing an order.

Sorry for the huge slab of writing butI hope that helped those of you who were a little confused by the process behind Shop & Box! You also got a sneak peek into how silly I can be when it comes to buying make-up. Nevertheless, I’m very happy with what I picked up and can’t wait to try them all out more!
What’s on your U.S. Shopping List at the moment? 

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  • I used Shop & Box last month to get one of the last Hourglass Blush Palettes and some Mac lipsticks for a friend – so worth to have them, but I agree, only worth of if you’re getting a lot! Bit exxy if you’re getting 1 thing for the shipping and service fee.

    Maddie | http://www.maddiesbeautyspot.com

    • Ooh, love your purchases! But exactly, it can definitely be worth it more if you’re picking up a few things or if you go in with a friend 🙂

  • Shilpa Shetty

    I loved the MAC Giambattista Valli Lipstick.. Its so nice,.. I want it, I will grab it when it releases here in India. But don’t know when 🙁 Just exploring the Shop and Box.. Thank you for this post,…..

  • emma

    Actually just waiting for my boxer to reply (and my boss to pay me) so I can buy the Lorac Pro Palette and the MAC lipsticks!! That highlighter looks gorgeous though, might have to add that to my cart…..

    Emma / https://siluetta.wordpress.com

  • In fairness it’s hard to not get caught up in the hype and with the stunning packaging alone I don’t blame you! X

    New blog design and next post of the holiday series over at-

  • That highlight is to die for, it’s so gorgeous! I wish Becca would make it permanent!!!


  • Thanks for the really informative post! I’ve been curious about the Shop and Box service but it does seem quite pricey! I guess the abysmal AUD is also a large factor. I pre-ordered Champagne Pop but it doesn’t ship until (tentatively) mid-August which is a million days away :p I wish it were in my hands right now but I guess I’ll have to be patient. Tats looks intensely pigmented and super bright but it does remind me of existing lipsticks I have like one of the Maybelline Vivids.

    • The exchange rate is certainly a bit sad at the moment… Hopefully you love Champagne Pop too! I probably could’ve waited for the pre-order but I am impatient!! haha I think you’re right about Tats – it’s not a revolutionary colour but when you have as many lipsticks as I do, they all start to look the same… 😛

  • What da hey is a BB water!? Haha, curious to see how you go with that. I’m also SO jelly you got your hands on Champagne Pop! I was thinking of pre-ordering from RY/lipstick rep, etc when I got paid but by that time the whole supplier kerfuffle had gone down haha 😛 Oh well, I’m still holding out hope that they’ll make it permanent!!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • I don’t know but I was SO intrigued! Can’t wait to try it out more 🙂 and ah that’s so annoying, they’re definitely making a mess of the whole Australian launch…

  • Haha, I bet we all succumb to hype easily. At least, for myself (So, you don’t have to
    feel bad hehe). I am still waiting for my Jaclyn Hill Becca Highlighting powder. I got mine through Comgateaway.com but the product is still in the warehouse collecting dust lol. I will get around shipping the item soon. I would love to try the Smashbox BB water – (super intrigued), Ash hehe

    Hana | Bold-Expression

    • Hope you love Champagne Pop as much as I do! 🙂 and I’ll hopefully have a review up on the BB Water soon!

  • What great timing, I was just reading a bunch about mail forwarding services and was curious about shop and box and shipitto. I think I like the process of ship it to as it’s super easy to just compile the list of what you want, but I am quite surprised at how high the service fee is for shop and box!
    Aaaahhh I don’t know, I’ll wait till I actually have loads of money to splurge on this

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    • It’s tricky – I haven’t looked into Shipitto much but yeah, as I said in the post, unless you’re grabbing a few things at once it’s not that worthwhile!

  • Great picks! I pre-ordered Champagne Pop and cannot wait to receive it! I recently tried to process a Sephora order and forward it but surprise-surprise, it got cancelled 🙁 I might look into this, it sounds easy and quick enough 🙂 Some Girls looks beautiful by the way!

    Daniela x | MissNewBeauty.net

    • Ah, so annoying when they cancel it! And then you have to wait for the money to come back into your account, so frustrating! Hopefully it sorts itself out and you can get your order somehow!