Foundation Files / L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation

LOreal-Infallible-Pro-Matte-Foundation-24HRThe new L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation. It’s been making waves and capturing people’s hearts in the U.S. and now it’s just making it’s way onto Australian shores. I picked up a tube while I was in the U.S. as I was well and truly ready to give in to the hype and considering how much cheaper L’Oreal foundations are in the U.S. compared to Australia ($29.99AUD compared to $12.99USD although I think you get less product), it was well worth adding to my basket. I’ve been wearing it a stack over the last couple of weeks and thought it was about time I added my thoughts to the Foundation Files.


Finish/Coverage – Although I’m normally all about the dewy base, I’ve been really loving the satiny matte finish that this foundation gives. Although it’s matte it still manages to look fairly luminous or ‘lit from within’, as cliché as that sounds. It’s not uncomfortable on the skin, it, in fact, feels as if I’m not wearing any foundation at all. It’s perfect for oily girls who need the oil control but can also be used by those with dry skin if they use a decent hydrating primer underneath. A little goes a long with when buffing this one into the skin, starting at a medium coverage, but it’s buildable to a fuller coverage if desired.

Application – Although in my mind I expect matte foundations to be thick and difficult to work with, the Infallible Matte is a creamy consistency that buffs into the skin with ease. Personally, I’ve been buffing it in before going over it with a sponge and I’ve been really impressed with how flawless my skin has been looking (well, ignoring the hormonal breakouts that are making an appearance on my forehead). It’s important to work in thin layers to ensure that it doesn’t go cakey on the skin, as I can imagine that it could cause issues for those with dry patches.

Colour – I picked up the shade 101 Classic Ivory in the States but I think they have a different range in Australia. This one is just a teeny bit too dark and yellow-toned for my natural skin but I make it work.


Wear – I’ve been lightly setting the foundation with powder, more out of habit than necessity, and as you can expect from this matte formula, I’ve found that it wears for a really decent amount of time on my skin. Although I’m not expecting it to last the 24 hours that it claims on the tube, I’ve been very happy with how my foundation looks after 12 hours of wear. It’s sometimes slightly worn on the areas that foundation tends to vanish on me (along the chin and around my nose) but on the whole I’m still looking pretty good by the time I wash my makeup off.

Dry skin? If you have a good hydrating primer in your stash and spray a setting spray to finish off, this foundation could totally work for you as long as you’re careful to work in thin layers on drier patches.
Normal/combination or oily skin?  This foundation is a great pick for those of you wanting a matte finish foundation with some oil controlling properties thrown in too. It’ll do a good job when it comes to controlling oil, especially if it’s set with a powder.

In the end, I’ve been impressed with this foundation from my first application. It’s not one that I’d reach for every day because I personally enjoy a slightly dewier complexion but when I get the urge for matte skin, when I’m feeling a little oily or when I need a foundation that will last, I’ll make sure to reach for this one.

Make sure to let me know in the comments if you liked the way that this review was set out and whether it made it easier for you guys to read and get information out of!
Have you tried out this foundation yet? Do you like a matte finish foundation?