Benefit Porefessional

Benefit Porefessional Review

Benefit products are always super hyped up, I hear so many great things about some of their products but with their pretty inflated prices in Australia, I’ve never really handed over my money to try anything out. Luckily, I was given the chance a few months ago to try out one of their more popular products, the Benefit Porefessional Primer*. I’ve been reaching for it here and there, struggling to make up my mind about it but I thought it’s worth me quickly writing a few of my thoughts down here.

To begin with, it’s worth mentioning that, in general, I hate the feeling of overly silicone-y primers. I much prefer ones like the Stila One Step Correct that feel like a nice and easy moisturiser, easing me into the routine while still giving me results. This Porefessional primer is not one of those. It feels really silicone-y on the skin and although that means it does a great job of smoothing everything over, I just hate the feeling on my hands as I apply it. It’s a petty thing, I know, but it does stop me from reaching for the product a whole lot. If you don’t mind the feel of these kind of primers and like it when your skin feels really silky then you won’t have a similar problem to me.

Benefit Porefessional Review

But the results are the most important thing and when it comes to the products performance throughout the day I’m impressed. It smooths everything out and fills out pores, generally making everything look a little bit nicer and I’ve also noticed an improvement in longevity when it comes to the end of the day. For me, it feels a little heavy on the skin which normally isn’t what I like. The product itself comes out rather thick and it takes a bit to blend it in properly which can often lead to it feeling really present on the skin. For a fuller coverage day where I need to look #flawless, I often reach for this but considering I generally don’t have a whole lot of problems with large pores and my skin’s texture is slowly but surely improving, I don’t think this product is entirely necessary for me on a day to day basis.

Benefit Porefessional Review

I can totally respect the hype that surrounds this product in certain circles. Is it a must have for everyone? No. But if you’re someone who struggles with large, noticeable pores or needs something extra to give some oomph to their skin’s texture then this product does a really great job and could be well worth looking into next time you’re near a Benefit counter.

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