BYS Contour Trio

BYS Contour Trio in Sweet ReviewNormally when things pop up here on the blog it’s because I’m obsessed and completely in love but today it’s because I’ve been getting a bunch of questions each time this BYS Contour Trio in 02 Sweet appeared in my make-up pics on Instagram and it’s about time I got around to giving it a proper review. I picked mine up from KMart but can’t seem to find it online…

BYS Contour Trio in Sweet Review

It’s the classic cheek trio set-up – a shade for blush, a shade for highlighting and a shade for contour. The blush shade originally struck me as looking a little NARS Orgasm-y but that’s not quite the case on my skin. I was particularly surprised that the highlighter shade was a matte shade, an interesting pick in a trio like this. In the pan, the contour looked not too warm and like it just might work on my skin.

I got it home and had a bit of play. The first thing I noticed was just how much powder you pick up when you put your brush in to the pans, I’m very careful to always tap off the excess before I get going because these shades are pigmented. You only need the smallest amount to see a difference.

BYS Contour Trio in Sweet Review

The shades aren’t really suited to my skin tone, I’ve found. The cheek shade looks too orange for my liking (I’m all about those pinky blush shades personally) and it ends up looking quite ruddy on my cheeks. The contour shade is far too warm to look like a natural contour shade for me. I can make it work if I’m very light with my application and spend a lot of time with blending but if I want anything more than a subtle bit of cheekbone then I definitely wouldn’t be reaching for this product. It just doesn’t look like a natural shadow on my skin tone. If I’m in the mood for a bit of warming up to my complexion then this does a pretty nice job. The highlighter is probably my favourite of the trio as it’s easy to work with and looks natural on my skin.

BYS Contour Trio in Sweet Review

The cheek and contour shades are a little difficult to blend. It takes a bit of effort to make sure they don’t look patchy – I normally go in with an angled brush before going over it all with a big fluffy brush to make everything look seamless.

In the end, for $5.75 or something like that, this product could be a lot worse – it’s pigmented and I can see the shades maybe working for someone with a deeper skin tone than me or maybe were looking for a warmer contour shade. If you want a cheap little starter kit to the world of contouring then this might be a good place to start. If you know what you want when it comes to contouring and a warm shade isn’t it then this could be a good one to miss.
What do you think? Would you save your pennies or give it a go?

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