Hourglass & Max Factor Blush Comparison

This or That - Hourglass & Max Factor Blush Comparison & Swatches

It’s time for another comparison post – this time between two blushes. When I first saw the new Max Factor Creme Puff Blushes in stores I was definitely interested – they looked gorgeous and I do love a good baked blush but when I did a little more reading I saw more and more people comparing them to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes (can we take a sec to appreciate how hard they are to photograph from above?!) so when I picked up one of the Max Factor pretties in the Priceline sale I got to work trying them out and seeing whether they were truly dupe-worthy.

This or That - Hourglass & Max Factor Blush Comparison & Swatches

The Max Factor Creme Puff Blush (I have the shade 05 Lovely Pink) retails for $21.95, which is quite a bit for a drugstore blush so it’s definitely worth waiting for a sale. I’m not a huge fan of the packaging, especially when you consider the price. It’s rather bulky and feels a little clunky in the hand. But the product inside? I’m definitely a fan of that. The first time I applied it I was very impressed with how glowy it made me look. It’s really subtle, with not a whole lot of pigmentation but it gives that lovely, diffused, soft pink look to the cheeks. Although there is a little bit of glitter throughout, the texture of the blush isn’t gritty at all.

This or That - Hourglass & Max Factor Blush Comparison & Swatches

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes (I have the shade Luminous Flush) have just about reached cult status, I’d say. But for $46 a pop, you’d hope they’re pretty good stuff. The packaging is, unsurprisingly, gorgeous and luxurious. I’ve always liked the one that I’ve owned and have reached for it regularly after working out that a light hand is required when building up the colour. The texture is seriously lovely and blends so well on the cheeks, again, providing that diffused glow to the cheeks.

This or That - Hourglass & Max Factor Blush Comparison & Swatches

Both shades are gorgeous in their own right but I wouldn’t say they’re dupes – the Hourglass blush is glowy but doesn’t have any pronounced glitter whereas the Max Factor one, or at least the shade that I own, has quite a bit. The MF blush is nowhere near as pigmented as the HG. You can see in the swatches below that the MF blush barely shows up.There are other shades in the MF range that haven’t been brought across to Australia that look much more pigmented so maybe it’s just the shade that I have. The Hourglass blush wins the longevity test – lasting a lot better on my skin, still in tact at the end of the day but that might also be because the MF one is so subtle to begin with.

This or That - Hourglass & Max Factor Blush Comparison & SwatchesMax Factor Lovely Pink on top, Hourglass Luminous Flush on the bottom.

So dupe-worthy? I’m going to say no. But I definitely think they’re both beautiful in their own unique ways (aw). Really, it’s all about what you’re looking for in a blush. I reach for the MF blush when I want something light, subtle and glowy and I reach for the Hourglass when I want something a little more pronounced. I’m definitely happy that I have them both in my stash.
Which one would you choose?

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