Mascaras On Rotation #2

mascaras on rotation covergirl bombshell volume essence lash princess maybelline big eyes falsies maybelline full n soft clinique high impact extreme waterproof mascaraIt’s time for another check-in with the mascara gang, I think! Things have been changed up a lot since last time I delved into the draw so I’ve found some new favourites and formed some new opinions on others and am ready to let know know what I reckon!

The Covergirl Bombshell Volume Mascara* landed on my desk a while back but I’ve been giving it a go every few days and it’s been seriously impressing me, especially considering it’s not waterproof. We all know I love a mascara that holds a curl so I was very happy to see this keeping my lashes curled all day long. The dual-ended brush (one side for volume, one side for ‘intensifying’ apparently) works well but I find the first side does have a habit of making a mess all over my eye lid which is certainly not something I look for in a mascara. A bit more lengthening wouldn’t of hurt but if you’re after a good one for volume and a good intense black then this one is worth a try! It’s worth noting you might want to employ a good eye make-up remover to remove this one as it can be a little stubborn at times.

Maybelline’s Big Eyes Waterproof and Full N Soft Waterproof have been mainstays in my collection since the last post. I haven’t been reaching for Big Eyes lately due to finding other favourites but after not being too blown away with it after writing the last post I found myself actually really enjoying it. As the formula dried out a little more I was very happy with how it held a curl and lengthened my lashes. It still transferred to my brow bone and still could get a little clumpy but definitely a good one to try! As for the Full N Soft… well… you know my feelings about that one… but it actually took me a while after throwing out my last tube before actually opening up a new one and honestly, I’ve only been reaching for it for doing my lower lashes recently as I’ve been enjoying all of the other ones so much!

mascaras on rotation covergirl bombshell volume essence lash princess maybelline big eyes falsies maybelline full n soft clinique high impact extreme waterproof mascara brushes

Another cheapie that I was pleasantly surprised with was the Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara*The wand is ‘cobra-shaped’ apparently which basically just means it’s a weird squiggle shape but I’ve been digging it. It separates my lashes beautifully and again, the curl lasts all day. It’s a little clumpy and leaves some serious smudging on the brow bone if I’m not careful but for the cheap price it’s totally worth a try!

The Clinique High Impact Extreme Waterproof Mascara has made it into two monthly favourites in a row so I think it’s fair to say we’re onto a good one here. In the last Mascaras on Rotation post I said the formula was too wet and it wasn’t giving much back to my lashes but oh how times have changed. After giving it a little bit to dry out I started using it again and it was love – it holds a curl so well and does the perfect amount of lengthening for my lashes. It’s a pricy one though and I just don’t know if I can justify dropping that much on a mascara every few months when the drugstore has so many great options…

Needless to say, with all of these mascaras to choose from I’ve been seriously enjoying my mascara lately but my unopened collection is growing and growing so it might be time to say goodbye to some of these!
What’s been your favourite mascara recently?

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