Benefit Puff Off Eye Gel

benefit cosmetics puff off eye gelI’m always a little bit skeptical about new releases from Benefit because it’s so hard to tell the difference between the PR work that Benefit does in the lead up to their releases and genuine hype so I can often stop myself from giving in but I’ll admit that the Benefit Puff Off Eye Gel* release had me interested when I was first reading about it on some of my favourite UK blogs. I was lucky enough to be gifted this at the Glamour Affair event that I was at last week (an incredible day, to say the least) by the lovely Bene-babes and I set to work trying it out to let you lovely people know whether it was worth the hype.

Let’s start off with the claims – this is meant to be an eye gel that can be applied under or over make-up which is meant to instantly smooth out puffy skin and fine lines with it’s ‘ironing’ tip. The packaging is all sorts of adorable – classic, beautiful Benefit. Their attention to detail is incredible, as always. The tip is the perfect size for dispensing the product and the shape is great for the undereyes. It dispenses just the right amount of product, once you get the hang of it (the first time I used it I went a little overboard). The metal tip is lovely and cooling to the under-eyes which I love, that alone makes such a difference.

benefit cosmetics puff off eye gel

Although my eyes aren’t too puffy and the fine lines are few and far-between (I’m nineteen years old, so I’m glad that that’s the case) I’ve got to say I’ve really been liking applying this morning and night to perk up my eyes a bit. It has a slight pearlescent quality to it which helps me out (it reminds me a bit of the Smashbox Hydrating Under Eye Primer, in that sense) to begin with but I’ve definitely noticed my eye bags looking a little less pronounced after using this. I can’t say I normally use this over make-up but when I have, I’ve noticed that patting it in with my fingertips is definitely a better approach in this instance.

benefit cosmetics puff off eye gelBut is it worth the hype? $44 for an eye cream is pretty steep and it’s too early to say whether I’ll be repurchasing this one but I can totally see how this could work wonders on someone a little older who’s beginning to worry about fine lines around the eyes – it’s cooling, it’s moisturising and it actually does make a difference. So if you’re willing to spend the money, I’d definitely recommend it!
Will you be picking this up? Have you tried any Benefit Skincare before?

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